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White Carrara
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Crema Marfil
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Absolute Black Granite
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Pure White Engineered
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Concrete Gray Engineered
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Emperador Brown

Marble Corner Shelves for Bathroom Shower Renovations

So many modern showers come complete with corner shelves that are actually made from flimsy plastic. These simply won’t last when the end property owner moves in, which necessitates later renovations. To make matters worse, some people actually install these as part of a renovation project, which is strange because they’re generally the problem in … Continued

Marble Thresholds for Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial construction projects require extremely durable materials to be used along every step of the way. While thresholds might seem like a very small detail, they’re actually of vital importance since they’re going to be stepped on and over on a daily basis once a building transfers over to the end property owners. A majority … Continued

Wholesale Marble Corner Shelves For Hotel Projects

The true sign of an upscale hotel can be found in the shower room, which needs to feature natural stone walls in order to be worthy of being called luxurious. You can use various materials around the bathroom, but the shower stall has to be decked in high-quality stone, which can be natural or engineered. … Continued

3 Corner Shelves For Hotel Bathrooms in 2021

Few architects and interior designers would leave the shower stall in a hotel bathroom without a corner shelf. While these were once somewhat uncommon in private residences, they’ve always been a big part of the hospitality industry. At Stonexchange, we understand that designers want access to gorgeous marble, travertine and ceramic accessories. That’s because of … Continued

The Best Wholesale Window Sills Prices for Building Supply Stores

Building supply stores have to maintain certain price points in order to remain competitive in the market. That means that they’re not able to spend too much to acquire materials since they’d never be able to attract customers who would pay high prices for them. If you pride yourself on maintaining a discount image, then … Continued