Natural Stone Soap Shelves – Trim Tile Bullnoses
Marble, Travertine and Ceramic Bathroom accessories as we call Corner Shelf – Shelves, are 9″ radius cut natural stone or a ceramic tile with a finished and beveled round edge. Shower Seats are 18″ radius quarter circle with a finished round edge. Product is available in natural stone, agglomerate and ceramic options. We manufacture and carry the below standard colors for immediate shipments, and process your custom orders for all ceramic shelf requests by processing the tile required at time of order. All products are available for custom ordering for immediate production in our US facility through our edge processing and bullnosing machinery .Below is our current stock for shelves:
  • Carrara Soap Shelf – Shower Caddy 9” – 100pcs / crate – Sold individually
  • Ivory Travertine Soap Shelf -Shower Caddy 9” – 100pcs / crate – Sold individually
  • Walnut Travertine Soap Shelf -Shower Caddy 9” – 100 pcs / crate – Sold individually
  • Crema Marfil Soap Shelf – Shower Caddy 9” – 100pcs / crate – Sold individually
  • Pure White Soap Shelf 9” – 50pcs/ crate – Sold individually
  • Absolute Black Soap Shelf 9” – 50 pcs /crate – Sold individually
  • Travertine Shower Seat 18” – 50 pcs /crate – Sold individually
For installation instructions , your tile installers will assist you.


Edge profiling and bullnosing for all your ceramic and stone products is made easy by Stonexchange. Ceramic/ Porcelain and Stone Baseboards with half bullnose are manufactured in USA and standard white colors are kept in stock for immediate delivery. For all other custom colors we require our clients to provide the ceramic or stone tile for edge processing to match your floors 100%. We do have the expertise to provide perfect bullnosed trim to tile of any specifications. Contact us for a quick custom quote for your project.

Standard White Ceramic Baseboard with 1 long edge half bullnosed sizes are:
ceramic bullnose

SX-CTR412- White Ceramic Trim Bullnosed Tile




Standard Stone Baseboards with 1 long edge half bullnosed sizes are:
white marble baseboard

SX-MTR512 White Marble Trim Bullnosed Baseboard




Our Fully Automated Edge processing processing allow top quality edge finishes.Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 2.34.01 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-12 at 2.36.15 PM

Marble Corner Shelf

The most stylish bathroom projects tend to involve natural stone walls or vertical panels. Walk-in shower rooms completely decked and lined with marble, for example, not only look great but can also significantly increase the value of both commercial and residential process. With this in mind, a natural stone shower room would not be complete without a suitable shelving system also made of natural stone. The last thing you want would be to install plastic, aluminum, or laminate soap dishes or shower shelves.

Marble Corner Shelves

At Stonexchange, marble corner shelves are the most popular accessory for natural stone shower stalls because marble happens to be the most commonly used material in luxury condominiums, hotels, and high-end homes. These shelves feature a radius cut and round edging; they are made of the following types of marble:

* Carrara
* Botticcino
* Emperor Light Brown

Carrara marble is very well-known among interior designers, particularly on flooring applications, but darker tones are preferred for shower rooms, hence making Emperor Light Brown and Botticcino marble more suitable.

We also offer corner shelves and shower caddies made of:

* Black granite
* Pure white engineered stone
* Walnut travertine
* Ivory travertine

Wholesale Marble Corner Shelves For Hotel Projects

For hotel and luxury condominium projects, we offer wholesale pricing on crates that contain 100 corner shelf pieces. Absolute Black Granite and Pure White engineered stone shelves come in 50-piece crates.

Corner Shelf Dimensions For Bathroom Project

The standard size for our marble corner shelves and shower caddies is 9 inches, and the same goes for the other natural and engineered stone pieces in our catalog. Even though our natural stone is imported, we can cut and finish pieces to your specific measurements right in our masonry shop, which is located in South Florida, for further shipping anywhere in North America.

Learn More About Our Stone Products

Please feel free to browse through our online catalog of natural and engineered stone products, where you can also find window sills and thresholds, also known as door saddles. Should you have any questions or would like to place custom orders, please contact our office right away.