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Botticcino Marble Corner Shelf Shower Caddy
Botticcino Marble Corner Shelf Shower Caddy

Botticcino Marble Corner Shelf Shower Caddy

  • ProductThreshold
  • BevelDouble Standard
  • Material NameAbsolute Black
  • Material TypeGranite
  • FinishPolished
  • ColorBlack
  • Notes1/4″x1/4″ Bevel on 2 long sides

Botticino Marble Corner Shelf Shower Caddy

Interior designers are looking for a way to provide a convenient place for end property owners to put their soap and shampoo. They will be able to do so in style with a Botticcino marble corner shelf shower caddy.

These pieces are attractive, and they come in two, four, five and six inch sizes, which should make them easily fit into almost any kind of shower area. Those who are starting to put together a large number of bathroom layouts for a full-sized development may find them particularly attractive, though they’re also useful in more casual settings as well.

Outfitting Showers With A Botticino Caddy

Botticcino marble is highly attractive as a result of its unique look. There’s nothing else quite like it and the creamy light appearance is going to pair well with some types of shower curbs. You can be sure that you’re putting together an attractive layout that’ll meet the discerning specifications of those in the interior design community.

Some specialists tend to get rather particular when it comes to putting stones together. You’re doing something that’s aesthetically pleasing when you pair Botticino marble with other related stones.

Since they boast a polished finish, they should be relatively easy to clean. That’s particularly important for shower caddies since they can quickly gather soap scum and other contaminants that have to be cleaned off. This is simply a part of life, so to speak, for these types of architectural features, which makes it of vital importance that they’re able to be cleaned up with such little effort.

At the same time, their look allows them to resist the stains that you’d probably get if you installed a synthetic shower caddy in a stall. While that’s not to say they’re impervious, they’re certainly designed with durability in mind. Since they’re made from a real natural piece of marble, you can even be sure that they’ll last quite a while based on this alone. Assuming they’re treated properly, they don’t have a definitive lifespan the way other materials might.

Stocking Up On Botticino Pieces

Because they’re bound to be popular, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough Botticino marble shower caddies on hand at any given time. Shower stalls generally need more than one of these as well.

It might be wise to get some natural stone soap shelves, which are provided in several different styles. These are all classy enough to fit into several types of high-end developments, but they’re also a solid pick for those who are working on residential reclamation projects as well.

Match Your Marble Corners At StoneXChange

Those who’d prefer to work with a more subdued layout might wish to pair these with an interesting collection of bathroom tiles. Once they’re cemented into the wall, they should remain quite sturdy. They even pair well with other pieces of stone from the STONEXCHANGE catalog.

For that matter, retailers will want to stock up on plenty if they plan on parting them out to other people. Individual consumers will often want to buy stone shelves that match their sense of style. Get in touch with us online for more information about the most stylish options on the market today.