Shower Curbs

A natural stone shower project deserves natural stone shower curbs. Even though you could build a wooden or concrete threshold to cover with tile pieces, your best option will always be to use stone pieces specifically cut, finished, and edged for shower curb applications. Whether the project is completed with tiles, mosaic pieces, or slabs, you will never go wrong with natural or engineered stone curb pieces because they provide the most elegant complement to shower rooms or stalls.

Marble Shower Curbs from Stonexchange

Marble is the most popular stone selected for shower and bathroom projects; to this effect, we offer two kinds of marble shower curbs. Our best-selling shower curbs are made of Carrara marble extracted from quarries around the Mediterranean, and they feature a pale white color with soft grey veining patterns. Crema Marfil is a golden and beige marble variant that presents a nice earthy tone along with a freckled pattern.

Our Carrara marble shower curbs come in a range of sizes. The widths of the thresholds are two, four, five, and six inches. The pieces are 36 inches long, and the standard height is 5/8″. Our Crema Marfil shower curbs come in four-inch and six-inch widths with lengths of 36 inches.

Other Natural Stone Shower Curbs

Since the late 1990s, dark granite countertops have been increasingly installed in kitchens and bathrooms. For a granite shower room project, we offer stylish Absolute Black granite curbs. If you are looking for a nice contrast, we have travertine curbs that evoke the look of ancient limestone.

Engineered Stone Shower Curbs

Hotel and luxury condominium projects are more likely to benefit from installing engineered stone tiles or slabs in the shower room. Often referred to as “quartz,” engineered stone has the distinct advantage of a surface finish that will never need to be resealed, thus making it more durable and worth the investment. To this effect, our store catalog includes Pure White and Concrete Grey shower curbs made of engineered stone.

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In addition to natural and engineered stone shower curb, Stonexchange also offers wholesale lots of thresholds, window sills, and corner shelves. Please contact our South Florida office today for a price quote or for more information about our products and shipping policies.