• Product:¬†Window Sills
  • Material Name: Pure White Thasoz
  • Material Type: Engineered Stone
  • Finish: Polished
  • Color: White

Pure White is an engineered stone made of glass and resin. Its a perfect white product with no other veins or spots. This makes it a very unique bright product preferred by high end projects. It has zero water absorbency. It looks very similar to and easily replaces projects with Thassos marble window sills.

 Stock DimensionPacking Quantity
74" Sills
74"x18"x5/8" Pure White Window Sill50
74"x10"x5/8" Pure White Marble Sill50
74"x8"x5/8" Pure White Window Sill50
74"x6"x5/8" Pure White Window Sill50
74"X6"x5/8" Pure White Window Curbs*50
74"x5"x5/8" Pure White Window Sill50