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Marble Threshold For Gym Center Showers

While you might think that public showers are different from those in private residences, they have more in common than you realize. Though the sizes might be different, gym showers are still made to the same general plumbing specifications that residential ones are. Since they deal with water, that means they still need thresholds in … Continued

Wholesale Window Sills For Window Replacement Contractors

The chances are that if you’re reading this, then you’re someone who either manages a group of contractors or at least has the power to make purchasing decisions for one. Considering just how many projects you might have in your backlog, there’s a good possibility that you’re looking for a supplier that can send over … Continued

4 Types of White Thresholds For Construction Projects

When you talk about the terms white and black in construction, they don’t refer to colors so much as they do to hues. When you ask for a white marble threshold, you could end up with a number of options. Take a look at these four types of white points and, you’ll be sure to … Continued

Can Thresholds Fix Height Difference Between Flooring?

Connecting rooms with different flooring heights can be difficult to navigate. The right materials are required to avoid gaps and breakage. Metal strips aren’t beautiful, and customizing wood to handle the height difference requires special tools and skills.  However, there is an easy and attractive solution available for you. Whether you’re finishing off the kitchen … Continued

Choosing Between Crema Marfil and Travertine Windowsills

When choosing the right type of stone for your window sills and thresholds, it may get confusing to decipher which type of stone is the best one, much less explain it to your customers. After looking through wholesale catalogs, all of the materials can begin to look alike. Yet, when investing in top-quality window sills … Continued

Warehouse of Natural Stone Window Sills for Resellers in Miami

Flooring companies and home improvement stores depend on contractors and installers for a good percentage of their business. Natural stone window sills are in high demand throughout Miami and South Florida. This is primarily because of the design trends in this part of the country. Finding a supply of granite, marble, or travertine sills at … Continued

Wholesale Marble Windowsills and Thresholds for Luxury Retail Stores

Often, what can make the most significant impact in an interior design are the small details. While spending more money on materials that will produce the biggest effect usually yields the best results, sometimes all you need is just a slight improvement.  When it comes to interior designs for luxury retail stores, the focal point … Continued

Marble Bathroom Shower Curbs Distributor

Builders and contractors understand the saying that “the devil is in the details.” What does this mean? Simply put, the smallest, unnoticed problems have caused the biggest construction disasters. For example, a minor crack in the water pipes can snowball into thousands of dollars worth of water damage. In fact, water damage might be considered … Continued

Black Marble Threshold At Wholesale Prices

Elegant marble thresholds are the ideal choice for making the transition between areas. They’re durable, stylish and very elegant. Your customers will appreciate the upscale touch, and you’ll appreciate how they reflect on your renovating or contracting business. Before you stock up on regular wood thresholds, consider these clever ways to incorporate sleek black marble and other marble colors into a room.

Best Material For Window Sills

The best material for window sills may surprise you. As building standards evolved, wood became a standard building material for window sills. However, wood is susceptible to rot, succumb to water damage, and fading from the sun. A better choice is using natural stone window sills that are highly durable and sure to last for … Continued