Door Threshold

At Stonexchange, we are manufacturers and wholesale distributors of marble window sills and thresholds. We give our clients the option to personalize their thresholds so that they get exactly what they have envisioned.

Thresholds play a key role in the construction of residential buildings. Thresholds, otherwise known as door saddles, prevent dirt and water from coming into your home. Since each residence is different and door jambs tend to have different widths and lengths, at Stonexchange, you can have custom thresholds for interiors doors as well as custom exterior door thresholds.

The Placement Of Custom Door Thresholds

Thresholds are placed below the door, usually, when transitioning down to a lower floor. This gives you the ability to safely cross without tripping or falling over. Thresholds also give you the liberty to change the type of flooring between the door saddle. By utilizing different flooring materials between the threshold you minimize the risk of your guests tripping. For example, you can implement tiled floors for the kitchen, have a white oak threshold below the door and transition into a room with marble floors.

The beauty of the threshold is that they serve as a sign that you are transitioning into a different space. This allows you to perceive the different energies in each room. Thresholds also prevent heat or the cool of the a/c from escaping beneath the door. This can help you cut down on heating and cooling bills.

The Benefits Of Door Thresholds:

Research has shown that thresholds are an important part of any door installation. They can increase the lifespan and functionality of exterior doors, as well as improve indoor air quality. With custom threshold options from Stonexchange, you will always have a high-quality product for flooring companies.

Buying custom thresholds is a great way to improve the quality of your flooring. We have many different types, including exterior door thresholds and interior threshold options. Stonexchange provides high-quality products that will meet all requirements for building contractors or property managers looking for commercial threshold installations in their buildings.

We have the following lengths for thresholds available:

  • 32 Inch Exterior Door Threshold
  • 36 Inch Exterior Door Threshold
  • 42 Inch Exterior Door Threshold
  • 60 Inch Exterior Door Threshold
  • 72 Inch Exterior Door Threshold

A wide variety of exterior door threshold choices helps contractors to find the best options for their projects. They can reduce the expense and increase the profit.

Exterior door thresholds are the most important part of exterior installations. They provide a surface to seal off your home from outside air and water, as well as providing an attractive finish for any building’s exterior design. The exterior threshold is not just about sealing up doors. It also seals down walls below where they attach to the flooring.

Feel free to contact us if you have a different length in mind, we can always accommodate you! If you would like to have a fluted top, contact our customer service representatives and they will assist you.

At Stonexchange, we are experts when it comes to thresholds and marble window sills. If you would like to learn more about the natural stones we have available don’t hesitate to reach out.