About Us

Stonexchange manufactures, imports and stocks marble window sills and thresholds. We load and distribute them by individual crates or full containers each month. Stonexchange does not sell its products by the pieces. Stonexchange works nationwide with tile distributors, flooring companies, home improvement stores, flooring contractors, and builders. Stonexchange as a windowsills distributor does not work with homeowners directly. Five stones/colors are selected based on years of experience and market demand for window and door inventory. Stonexchange Miami Distribution Center carries these products in multiple sizes and finishes in container quantities for immediate shipment to it dealers.

  • Travertine Window Sills / Travertine Thresholds (Work for projects with Roman Travertine, Turkish Travertine, Iroc and Durango Travertine)
  • Nuevo White Carrara Window Sills / Nuevo White Carrara Thresholds (Works for projects with Alabama White Marble, Georgia White Marble, Cherokee Marble, Vermont White Marble, Bianco Carrara Marble, and Carbonia Marble )
  • Crema Sahara Marfil Window Sills / Crema Marfil Thresholds (Works for projects with Crema Marfil, Botticino and Bursa Beige Marble)
  • Absolute Black Granite Window Sills /Absolute Black Granite Thresholds (Works for projects with China Black and Black Galaxy Granite)
  • Pure White Engineered Stone Window Sills / Perfect White Engineered Stone Thresholds (Works for projects with Thassos Marble, Quartz, Cultured Marble and Perfect White )

Window sills and thresholds inventory of Stonexchange in Miami Distribution Center (an 18,000SF warehouse) is sufficient enough for dealer stock requests. We can also make immediate deliveries to multiple multifamily projects, hotel projects and track homes projects at the same time. Average Stonexchange inventory is approximately 40 containers in marble windowsills plus minimum 50,000 pieces of door thresholds at any given time.