• Product: Window Sills
  • Material Name: Crema Marfil
  • Material Type:  Marble
  • Finish: Polished or Honed
  • Color: Cream / Beige
  • Notes: *Also available in curbs (2 long sides finished double beveled in 6″x60″ and 6″x74″ Sizes

Crema Marfil Sahara is a natural marble. It is used for project requires beige or cream sills in polished finish. Crema Marfil is a very common flooring tile. This product pairs with crema marfil floors just perfect. Additionaly, due to its neutral color, it blends with all other beige tone surfaces. This product also works with Projects that  are specified with Botticcino and Bursa Beige Marble.

 Stock DimensionPacking Quantity
74" Sills
74"x10"x5/8" Crema Marfil Sill50
74"x7"x5/8" Crema Marfil Sill50
74"x6"x5/8" Crema Marfil Sill50
74"x6"x5/8" Crema Marfil Sill*50
74"x5"x5/8" Crema Marfil Sill50
60" Sills
60"x6"x5/8" Crema Marfil Sill50
60"x6"x5/8" Crema Marfil Curbs*50
60"x5"x5/8" Crema Marfil Sill50
60"x5"x5/8" Crema Marfil Curbs*50
37" Sills
37"x6"x5/8" Crema Marfil Sill100
37"x5"x5/8" Crema Marfil Sill100