Marble Threshold For Gym Center Showers

While you might think that public showers are different from those in private residences, they have more in common than you realize. Though the sizes might be different, gym showers are still made to the same general plumbing specifications that residential ones are. Since they deal with water, that means they still need thresholds in order to keep moisture on one side of the shower.

However, gyms that are open to the public have certain standards that they have to adhere to. They’re usually required to comply with a specific set of accessibility laws and have to ensure that all of the thresholds they use are safe and stable. Contrary to popular belief, you can actually get some really nice looking ones that should prove durable.

Making Shower Thresholds Stand Up Even In A Gym Setting

Since multiple people from outside are going to be using gym center showers on a regular basis, you want to make sure that you’re working with materials that won’t soon corrode. At one point, you might have seen various types of polymers as well as metal thresholds. People coming in for a shower after their workout is over can be pretty rough on them. 

They’re also not able to be shaped into every possible pattern you might need for compliance reasons. That’s why natural stones have come back into vogue.

Those who work with carrara, granite or polished marble can get beveled thresholds that are cut to exacting specifications. These will generally hold up over the lifetime of the threshold. You could get number of different styles. 

Eventually, you might come across Concrete Gray engineered stone pieces and ask yourself what’s going on. After all, the market seems to be moving away from artificial materials.

While these might be engineered stones, they’re not the same thing as the plastic-like polymers that were once used. As a result, they have all of the advantages of natural stones along with some unique properties. You’ll also sometimes see Pure White Thazoz pieces, which manage water in a rather unique fashion. Developers who are building new gym centers or remodeling existing projects will certainly want to keep all of these in mind when selecting thresholds to work with.

Selecting Threshold Pieces For A Gym Center

Dimensions are always a must when picking out thresholds, but you’ll also want to consider the shape as well as the material. Aesthetic considerations should play a role in your selection as well, though these of course always take a backseat to safety. 

Fortunately, you should find a piece that’s functional as well as good-looking when you work with real stones in your showers. In some cases, you might even be able to find a piece that matches the existing color scheme of the gym center or its dedicated shower area.

Find Stones For Your Next Remodeling Project At STONEXCHANGE

At STONEXCHANGE, we serve both as a manufacturer and wholesaler of thresholds. We’ve seen everything when it comes to the type of thresholds used in gyms. 

Those who need some more information should feel free to use our convenient online contact page today. We’ll answer your questions about the best material for bathroom or shower floors. 

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