• Product: Window Sills
  • Material Name: White Carrara
  • Material Type:  Marble
  • Finish: Polished
  • Color: White / Gray

Carrara White is a natural marble. It’s white background and gray veining blends with both modern and classic designs. Therefore its the most common and the standard marble window sill in the market. This product is very similar and easily works and replaces window sills projects specified with Georgia White Marble, Alabama White Marble, Cherokee Marble, Vermont White Marble, Carbonia Marble, and Oriental White Marble.

Stock DimensionPacking Quantity
74" Sills
74"x18"x5/8" Marble Sill50
74"x12"x5/8" Marble Sill50
74"x11"x5/8" Marble Sill50
74"x10"x5/8" Marble Sill50
74"x9"x5/8" Marble Sill50
74"x8"x5/8" Marble Sill50
74"x7"x5/8" Marble Sill50
74"x6"x5/8" Marble Sill100
74"x5"x5/8" Marble Sill100
74"x4 1/2"x5/8" Marble Sill100
74"x4"x5/8" Marble Sill100
74"x3"x5/8" Marble Sill100
56" Sills
56"x10"x5/8" Marble Sill50
56"x9"x5/8" Marble Sill50
56"x8"x5/8" Marble Sill50
56"x7"x5/8" Marble Sill50
56"x6"x5/8" Marble Sill100
56"x5"x5/8" Marble Sill100
56"x4 1/2"x5/8" Marble Sill100
56"x4"x5/8" Marble Sill100
37" Sills
37"x6"x5/8" Marble Sill100
37"x5"x5/8" Marble Sill100
37"x4"x5/8" Marble Sill100