French Door Thresholds: Dimensions, Colors, Benefits

Bardiglio Gray Marble Threshold

French door thresholds have many dimensions, colors, and benefits. We have studied the newest market offerings in marble and natural stone that match these styles.  

They reflect more than one side of modern architectural trends, inviting energy efficiency and bright sunlight into a home. Such a new threshold shows support for those interested in European interior design.

A South Florida Transition

When South Florida residents travel to the south of France or other regions on the Mediterranean coast, they notice some familiar aspects of residential architecture. The Mediterranean revival trend explains this commonality. 

Addison Mizner and John Ringling are remembered for extending this style in Florida. It was once reserved for residential neighborhoods, commercial spaces, and government buildings. French doors are one of the elements of this architectural style, and they are beautiful in sunny climates.

What Are French Doors?

A French door is like a large window complete with glass panes, but you can walk through them. They originated in the French Riviera and quickly caught on among home builders in Paris and the provinces.

In South Florida, when we see real estate listings that mention both French windows and doors, they are likely glass doors and ornamental window frames. They are designed to withstand weather disasters and other external forces. Such a door often has to meet codes regarding hurricane durability.

Marble Threshold

A door threshold is a space at the bottom of the frame that transitions between living spaces. Thresholds tend to be raised for various purposes, and those made of marble are popular across South Florida.

What Are The Benefits Of A Marble Door Threshold?

The three benefits of marble door thresholds include the following:

* They provide smooth transitions.

* They act as barriers to prevent water from spilling.

* Since they are highly decorative, they are the perfect complement to French doors.

A Wide Variety Of Colors

Marble is formed through various geological processes that last millions of years. The result of these processes is a colorful and capricious natural stone with multiple colors and patterns.

At StoneXChange, our marble threshold comes in colors such as pure white, creamy ivory, patterned gray, limestone brown, and more. As a decorative construction material, you can’t go wrong with marble.

We can recommend Crema Marfil to pair with a French threshold. A double standard bevel at 1/4 inches optimizes the fit during installation. It has many neutral shades that can blend with different palettes, with a polished surface that positively impacts any home.

Select A Dimension That Is Closest To Your Doors

The widths of the marble threshold pieces run from two to six inches. The standard for residential construction is two inches while most commercial projects are at least four inches wide. In addition to the threshold width, other dimensions to consider are the height and the bevel. You can go as high as 3/4 of an inch, but 3/8 is the more common selection

As for the bevel, which is an easement of the edge, the standard is 1/4 of an inch. You can also choose double Hollywood beveled thresholds that are more aesthetic. The thresholds also allow the smooth rolling of wheelchairs over them.

Learn More About French Exterior Doors At StoneXChange

At StoneXChange, we will be happy to answer your questions about sills and door thresholds. We are a provider of wholesale products for any home. In addition, we can direct you to the nearest distributor or contractor who carries and installs our products. 

If you have questions about the thresholds that model different styles and interior design trends, we can help you select the right thresholds according to federal provisions. Contact our office in Miami today to determine your ideal floor and door options.

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