How To Replace A Window Sill?

replacing marble windowsills

Do you know how to replace a window sill? If not, we know the tools and expertise required for the process. Fixing window trim or replacing a rotted sill can increase a home’s value. Learn about window sill replacement for exterior or interior frames. We have an instructional article on interior sill repair to pique your interest.

What Does Replacing Your Exterior Or Interior Window Sill Involve?

When a home or commercial building comes up for sale, the buyers notice worn, damaged sills and take them as a sign of general neglect. One detail in a home or commercial building that is often neglected is the window sill. Blinds or draperies usually cover windows, making it easy to ignore damaged window sills. Replacing worn and damaged wood sills with stylish natural stone trim will add value to any building. Using natural stone sills from Stonexchange assures the best quality and price.

Replacing a window sill is not complicated or even that difficult. It requires a few simple tools and a couple of hours of your time. This job can add many dollars to a contractor’s bottom line in commercial remodeling jobs. It can make quite a bit of money to the resale value of a home. 

Assume that you have a window structure that’s already sagging or eaten away by water. Rot is a widespread problem among those who’ve had to use wooden windowsills in the past. If this is the case, then swapping in a marble one will remove an unsightly piece of history and give the property’s future owners something to enjoy for an extended period.

Steps For Replacing And Installing A New Sill

Where do you start with your old window sill? We go into the basics. Make sure that you have tools on hand for all the steps. 

Remove The Old Window Trim

To replace a window sill:

Start with careful removal of the damaged wood windowsill. You will carefully remove the surrounding trim, if there is any, with a small pry bar.

  1. Save these pieces to reinstall later.
  2. Please make a note about where to place them.

The reason is that even if you haven’t done this in the past, you may not be able to find the way they go back on otherwise! A good rule of thumb is to arrange the trim pieces the same way they went on the wall.

Pry Out Old Nails And Screws With Your Tools

Remove any nails, screws, or other fasteners from the existing window sill. Next, lift the sill out of the window in one piece. Use this old sill as a template for the new window sill. Clean the space where the sill will go thoroughly. You will use adhesive for the new sill, requiring a clean surface. Decide which stone type and color will work best with the room decor. Look for the length, width, and depth closest to the old window sill.

  • Natural Stone window sills from us come in many lengths, including 36″, 56″ and 74″. If you have a natural stone window sill already there, then you might want to measure it first off. Then again, it’s doubtful you’d be replacing a natural stone sill because they tend to have long, useful lifespans.
  • Stone window sills come in 5/8th inch or 3/4th inch thicknesses. 3/4th inch may be in a particular order, however. Even if a special order is involved, StoneXchange can get the right size out to you.
  • Natural Stone window sills come in depths of 3″ to 12″ in one-inch intervals. There might be a trim level of variability in this, but you should be able to get a piece that fits.

If you have windows that require special sizes, you can special order custom sizes if the minimum order quantity is met. You will need to allow a ten-week lead time for special orders. If you have a ceramic or stone saw, you can cut natural stone sills to length after purchasing the closest size. You can also find a professional tile installer with the correct saw and pay them to miss the sill to measure for you. The new window sill should have 1/8″ expansion space on each side.

Forces like humidity and temperature influence even the most durable materials. Stainless steel, after all, contracts and expands the same thing is going to happen to stone as well. Even engineered stone has this issue, so a bit of space will help.

Implement New Screws, Nails, And Adhesive

Once you have the size sill you need for your window, you are ready to install it. Natural stone window sills are installed with silicone adhesive applied in quarter-size dollops every 12 inches. When you have the adhesive on the bottom side of the window sill, place it in the opening and apply enough pressure to ensure contact of the adhesive with the substrate. Reinstall the trim around the window sill and touch up nail holes, and you are done.

What Materials Are Stocked And Used For Natural Stone Window Sills

Our dealers can choose five stone/color window sills to stock. There are also matching doorway thresholds available. All these choices come in many sizes and finishes when repairing or replacing a sill.

  • Travertine: These sills work with most travertines and many other off-white or tan stones and ceramic tiles. Projects that specify Iroc Beige or Durango Cream can work with Ivory Travertine instead. Nobody would notice the difference.
  • Nuevo White Carrara: These go with most white marble and ceramic tiles. They’re perfect for settings where you’d need Cherokee, Alabama, or Vermont marble.
  • Crema Sahara Marfil: This choice is a nice neutral cream/tan color that will go with much natural stone and ceramic floors, as well as many carpets and wood floors. They can substitute for Bursa Beige or Botticcino products. You may also want to consider Euro Beige as a material as well.
  • Black Granite Window sills and Thresholds work with many different floor materials, as well as black granite and marble. They fit perfectly in a modern setting and add drama to every room.
  • Pure White Engineered Stone Window sills and Thresholds are a great budget-friendly choice that goes with any floor. These will match existing and future floor materials. It’s close enough to Thassos marble to replace it in most situations.

Who Can Buy And Sell Stonexchange Prefabricated Window Sills?

We are a wholesale company that does not sell directly to homeowners but through dealers. Businesses that can be dealers include the following:

  1. Architectural and Design Firms
  2. Building and Remodeling Contractors
  3. Building Supply and Home Improvement Stores
  4. Flooring Suppliers, Contractors, and Installation Firms

Window sills are packaged in stackable, wooden solid crates for safer shipping and more convenient storage in your warehouse. A company must be large enough to order 50 to 100 pieces of window sill or threshold once since they are shipped in full crates or containers. Depending on the packaging, different numbers make up a crate or container. Each product is carefully packaged and handled to ensure they reach their destinations in good condition.

Special Orders for Special Jobs

We make up special orders of custom stones/colors or sizes for large commercial jobs you may be bidding on. We meet an architect’s specifications if orders meet the minimum purchasing quantities. We process custom orders at our overseas factories with a 10-week lead time. We can use natural stone quarries and affiliated factories to manufacture custom products for particular jobs promptly and professionally.

Other Natural Stone Products From Stonexchange

We have tiles, pavers, slabs, mosaic patterns, pool copings, thresholds, window sills, soap shelves, shower seats, curbs, and caddies. We also carry a complete line of natural stone flooring and accessories. Brochures and inventory lists of available products are always available to dealers.

Timely Frame Shipping From Miami, Florida Distribution Center At AN Affordable Cost

We have a vast distribution center in Miami, Florida, that we use to ship orders all over the United States. Our warehouse is over 18,000 square feet. It holds enough prefabricated window sills and thresholds to quickly fill even the most significant order. 

Many orders can be shipped the next day. We are a very dependable supplier of natural stone window sills and thresholds. We send much more rapidly than an overseas supplier can and without all the shipping problems and delays.

Improve Your Business by Adding Natural Stone window Sills and Thresholds

If you still need to stock natural stone window sills and thresholds, you can increase your volume of business by adding these products. Window sills in natural stone add style and beauty to homes and commercial buildings and have a longer life than wood. They are not challenging to install but add money to remodeling jobs.

Natural stone thresholds and window sills make any job look more professional and high-end. Having natural stone window sills available to homeowners will add even more business. You can give classes or have brochures available on how to install them. You can even provide the service of cutting to size and installing window sills and thresholds for your customers.

How to Become a StoneXChange Dealer For Window Sill Replacement

If you want to become a Stonexchange natural stone window sill and threshold dealer, check our website to get all the information you need. You can find out what quantities you need to order to become a dealer. Upgrade any house for your customers, from window frames to stone or wooden sills. Show that you can replace wooden supports while installing decorative pieces. 

With the many supportive services we offer, you can immediately see an improvement in your business. Wholesale pricing and in-country shipping are significant advantages for any business. We provide a dependable, well-priced supply of window sills and thresholds. They would all meet building supply needs or contractor building and remodeling needs. Reduce the cost of replacing rotten wood or chipped stone for any homeowner. For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us online today. 

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