Best Material For Window Sills

Best Material For Window SillsThe best material for window sills may surprise you. As building standards evolved, wood became a standard building material for window sills. However, wood is susceptible to rot, succumb to water damage, and fading from the sun. A better choice is using natural stone window sills that are highly durable and sure to last for years. 

When it’s time to boost your inventory and appeal to a more upscale crowd, add elegant natural stone window sills to your available products. Here are just a few of the reasons you may want to offer marble and granite window sills to your valued customers.

Best Materials for Window sills

Absolute Black Granite Window SillsThese black window sills are designed for a professional, polished look. They are timeless, harkening to earlier decades as well as future ones.

White Carrara Marble Window Sills: White Carrara Marble is an exclusive look imported from Italy. It will always bring refinement and luxury.

Crema Marfil Window Sills – Crema Marfil, also known as Marfil Sahara, is a standard flooring tile. Its neutral tone blends well with other palettes.

Euro Beige Window Sills – Some homeowners want a professional neutral look in the home. Consider limestone when you want a unique design. In contrast to marble window sills, Euro Beige is made of limestone mined from coastal areas. As a result, you get unique textures.

Pure White Engineered Window Sills – Engineered stone is an affordable alternative to natural stone. Usually made with quartz and other durable substances, you get uniform patterns that builders can arrange during installation.

Travertine Window Sills – A natural stone with varying color palettes, Travertine window sills are a standard style in South Florida. They carve well into different dimensions, and homeowners can choose a classical, neoclassical, or modern look.

Concrete Grey Window Sills – Despite the name, concrete grey window sills come from absolute black granite windowsills. As granite and natural stone, they are neat, professional, and easy to clean.

Meet Changing Expectations

Modern homeowners are looking for long-term materials that will look great today and decades from now. They want products that are built to last and won’t require any care in the long term. When it comes to window sills, natural stone is a top choice.

 Absolute black granite sills can fit with traditional homes and will look amazing in modern settings. Rather than having your customers buy wood that will need to be stained or painted, meet their changing expectations by having marble and granite options on hand.

When you have marble and stone window sills on hand, you’ll also set yourself apart from the competition. If other contractors focus on wood or acrylic sills, their bid will stand out thanks to your use of high-end materials. You’ll also be able to bid on jobs where clients insist on using luxurious and durable materials.

Deliver Cost-Effective Alternatives

Another benefit of natural stone window sills is that they’re incredibly cost-effective. Wood will need maintenance over the years. Plastic material can degrade in the sun. We provide natural stone options that can last a lifetime. 

The stone window sills are only slightly more expensive than wood at the time of purchase, and they can help people save a good deal of money over the coming years. Savvy homeowners know how to save money in the long term by looking closely at durable materials today.

On the other hand, you may need to work with a specific type of natural stone. If that’s the case, then there’s an equally good chance that you could find alternatives that are every bit as cost-effective. 

For instance, say that you had to put in Bursa Beige or Botticino stones. In that case, you might be looking at a potentially sizable price tag, and it might not justify the expense. Nevertheless, the project sheet would spell out the fact that these are the needed stones.

Anyone who finds themselves in that situation could instead look at Crema Marfil since it substitutes well for these other products. More or less, all of these stones are essentially the same under various names, so there’s little need to concern oneself with the exact specification as long as the stone itself is correct. That could add substantial savings in cost over time, especially for larger development or reclamation projects.

Provide Versatile Alternatives

Window sills are typically painted white or hold a wood tone. However, discerning buyers may want something a little more unique. Stone allows people to take their properties to a higher level in an understated and elegant manner. 

Natural travertine window sills have a pleasing tan shade that’s mottled with splashes of ivory or white. It’s a perfect finishing touch for rooms that are filled with neutral colors.

Consider the impact of pairing different pieces as well. For instance, Euro Beige materials are an excellent pair for those who are putting in Mocha Creme or Crema Europa accents. Take a look around the existing property and see if there’s anything that your contractors can do to bring out the existing colors.

Those who have to replace a substantial amount of material should still find these materials rather flexible. Such construction projects are normally complex, so working with a simple set of materials is a great way to reduce the problems associated with the scope.

Offer Durability And Ease Of Maintenance

When buyers want white window sills, they automatically assume that pure white painted wood is the best option. However, a better choice may be Pure White Thazoz stone sills. This material has the same shading throughout the stone so that scratches won’t show. While plastic sills can be damaged by the sun and take on a yellowish tone, the Pure White Thazoz stone will maintain its beautiful color for years to come. 

Wood needs to be refinished periodically, but marble will only require a quick cleaning and polishing. The fact is that the stones will never need to be painted, and this will appeal to busy professionals.

Concrete grey window sills need to be eventually cleaned, but that doesn’t mean they take a significant amount of maintenance. These stones come polished, so once they’re installed they’re easy to wipe clean. This adds a certain gleam to their presentation, which has become rather popular with real estate agents who show properties. Hence it’s sometimes requested by project specification sheets.

Please Contractors With Options That Can Be Carved Into Shapes

One concern about marble is the ability to carve it into shapes. While wood is easily cut with a simple blade, the fact is that marble and granite can also be trimmed using a wet saw. 

Contractors can add curves and other decorative finishes to the natural stone window sills are generally This allows them to be customized to fit larger, more ornate windows. If your clientele routinely works on elegant, high-end homes, then you’ll want to provide them with these high-end finishing materials.

Nevertheless, it’s often unnecessary to do much additional shaping once the stone is delivered. Those looking for windowsills can find 50 piece boxes of both 37″ and 74″ sizes, which should be suitable for a wide array of settings. Simply take some measurements and the contractors shouldn’t have any further difficulty sitting the stones in various pertinent real-world situations.

Keep Costs Down On Your End

Whether you’re filling your inventory for resale or stocking up for your projects, you need to keep costs down. Retailers have the highest prices since they’re at the tail-end of the chain, but you can skip this step and go directly to wholesalers. 

As you keep your supply costs down, it becomes easier to either boost your own profit margins or maintain lower rates for your customers. Here at Stonexchange, we make it easy to lower the cost of doing business by providing excellent prices on bulk rate orders.

Over time, most projects balloon in terms of costs. By making sure to have enough materials on hand from the beginning, you can help to reduce the risk of cost overruns later. 

Should something happen you’ll already have at least some materials on hand. You won’t have to go and spend additional money looking for them from other sources. Best of all, any material that you do have should match since it was all purchased at the same time from one single collection all at once.

Go With Bulk Orders And Be Ready For All Types Of Demands

We encourage our clients to place bulk orders to save money. We carry five different finishes for stone window sills, including:

  • Absolute Black Granite
  • Carrara Marble
  • Crema Marfil
  • Pure White Thazoz
  • Travertine

You may not like the idea of ordering bulk and keeping supplies on hand, but there are many benefits to having the window sills on hand and ready to go. If you’re selling direct to the public, then you can keep your numbers up by having the items on the shelves. Contractors benefit by being able to go smoothly from one part of the project to another without waiting for orders or deliveries.

Find The Window Sills You Need At Stonexchange

Stonexchange is able to maintain consistent stock levels because we handle our own mining and manufacturing centers. Due to our control over all aspects of the process, we’re able to keep the costs down and provide you with more attractive prices. 

While you may have some customers who will prefer wood window sills, we’re able to provide you with an attractive alternative that they’ll appreciate. Drop us a line online today, or visit our website to learn more about our inventory and delivery options.

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