The Best Way to Choose a Marble Threshold That’s Right For Your Building

Distributor of Quality Marble Saddles and Other Transition PiecesWhen it comes to significant construction or interior remodeling projects, your clients notice and appreciate the little details. Most of the time, they will be looking at the colors and textures incorporated into your work, including areas like the thresholds of your doorways. While you can easily install wood, aluminum, concrete, or even laminate thresholds and call it a day, you will always make a more powerful impression by going with thresholds made of marble or other natural stone.

Marble is an excellent choice because it’s very durable and resistant to damage. However, choosing the right color can be a little more challenging. You want the marble to look great from both sides of the door, and you want it to be neutral enough that it will work with changing decor and design styles. We have put together tips to help you choose the right kind of marble threshold for this important aspect of your project.

Consider the Purpose

When it comes to thresholds, you can choose flat or raised edges. Raised edges are ideal for holding back water if you’re dealing with a space that may encounter this problem, such as a bathroom or laundry area. The beveled edges are also ideal for zero-curb showers that are going into handicapped-accessible areas. 

A threshold that sits flush with the floor on both sides may be the perfect choice for transitions between regular living areas and bedroom doorways. One benefit of the flat threshold is that it allows some air to flow underneath, which is important within the living areas. Anytime you install a raised threshold, look for options with beveled edges because they’re less likely to cause problems with people tripping on the raised surface.

As for commercial spaces, you have an additional and crucial consideration, and that is the rules pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act. If your project does not call for any thresholds or door saddles, you do not have to worry about ADA compliance as long as the transition is completely flat and smooth, which means that there will be a continuum from one living space to the next. This allows a wheelchair to roll without encumbrances. We all know that all commercial properties are subject to ADA requirements, which is why we offer various stone threshold pieces that are fabricated and cut to compliance.

The ADA regulations that govern the dimensions and design of threshold pieces are intended to allow wheelchairs to easily roll over them. At StoneXchange, we offer these ADA-compliant pieces in marble and other types of stone.

Start With The Floors

Interior designers always say that you can never go wrong with threshold installations as long as they are attractive on their own. Even if you are not working with natural stone or quartz flooring, the most beautiful door saddles will be made with natural or engineered stone. With this in mind, you can go from granite flooring to hardwood or from laminate to carpeting and still benefit from door saddles made of stone. The colors and veining patterns of natural stone never go out of style, especially if they are honed and polished to a shiny finish.

Most marble thresholds already feature neutral colors that can work with almost any décor, but it’s vital that this transition area blend seamlessly with two different rooms. One of the easiest ways to choose the right marble requires choosing the flooring for the living areas on either side of the threshold. Once you see what colors you’re working with, you’ll know what colors will be visually appealing on a threshold.

When in doubt, you can also match the threshold to the door trim. Travertine is one of the top choices because of its tan finish and light mottling. It will blend nicely with most wood doors and frames, making it a safe choice for almost any space. If you’ve used granite tiles in one room, then a black granite threshold can provide you with a clean break as you move into the adjoining space. If you’ve installed marble floors in the room, then a threshold that closely matches the shade will make space look slightly larger.

Consider The Accents

If you’re still at a loss for threshold color, then consider incorporating this design element into other spaces of the home. One smart idea is to simply match the thresholds to the marble window sills throughout the property. It takes the guesswork out of the project and gives each room a sharp finishing touch.

If you’re dealing with a kitchen or bathroom, look at the counters. Matching countertops and thresholds is an easy way to balance colors in the home and add visual appeal to any space. While most builders aim to make the thresholds blend in with nearby areas, it’s perfectly acceptable to turn this into an accent point that will make the home feel more sophisticated. Let’s say your project calls for dark granite countertops in the bathroom vanities and the center island of the kitchen; in this case, our Absolute Black Granite threshold pieces are highly recommended.

Choose The Right Size

Ideally, the threshold should fit smoothly in the space without any seams. Doorways collect an incredible amount of dirt and debris, but minimizing seams makes this area easier to clean. It also reduces the risk of damage by creating a more sturdy and stable surface. 

Marble thresholds come in a range of widths and lengths, so it’s easy to order the next size up from your doorway and then cut it down for a perfect fit. There are also some differences in height, so you should measure your floor height before placing an order. If the threshold you choose will rise up slightly from the floor, then you may want to invest in beveled sides for a smoother transition.

Pick The Right Supplier

The supplier you choose can have a drastic impact on your profit margin or overall cost. While there are several suppliers offering marble thresholds, they also offer high retail prices. You can save by going with a vendor that offers wholesale pricing to architects, designers, and contractors. Rather than paying full price at your local store and hoping for a meager discount, you can save a great deal of money by going with a wholesaler that will give you great customer service, quality products, and low prices.

When you work with Stonexchange, you can count on receiving great customer service along with competitive rates. We sell our thresholds in crates and containers so you can order enough for a large project today or stock your warehouse in preparation for future projects. We’re also happy to offer custom ordering options if we don’t carry the exact size that your project needs. It takes a few weeks for us to place a custom order, but you’ll enjoy the same low prices and great service.

We carry natural stone thresholds in travertine, Absolute Black granite, Nuevo White Carrara, Crema Sahara Marfil, and Pure White Thazoz. Our most popular pieces are Nuevo White because they are perfect for projects where Carrara marble tiles are installed. Travertine is great for earthier tones such as Mexican saltillo and hardwood. Crema Sahara matches many flooring schemes, and our Pure White Thazoz pieces are the most durable because they are made of engineered stone with a high quartz content. These door saddles will last many decades, do not require sealant applications, and will not stain.

Contact StoneXchange To Learn More About Marble Thresholds

We’re able to provide our clients with a range of sizes, so it’s easy to get the exact dimensions that you need for almost any project. We’ll pay close attention to detail when you order because we know that you’re anxious to get started and don’t want to deal with a long delivery time, incorrect items, or other problems.

 Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We’re ready to help you choose the right marble thresholds for all of your hospitality projects, renovations, and custom homes. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project and how we can help your vision come to life.

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