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Absolute Black Granite Thresholds – Double Hollywood Bevel

Granite is known for being a particularly hard stone, and this is good because you need something to hold up when working as a threshold. Absolute Black granite thresholds with a double Hollywood bevel are an excellent choice in both commercial and residential development projects.

They’re offered in several sizes and feature a smooth bevel that goes over both sides of the stone, which is of importance when complying with state and local regulations regarding accessibility. They should be easy to use and keep clean, due in no small part to their polished finish as well as the fact that they fit into almost any style of decor.

Thresholds With A Double Hollywood Bevel

Owing to the fact that these feature a gentle slope on either side of the stone, they should prove quite accessible in spite of their strength. That should ensure durability while potentially improving your level of compliance. Commercial operations that have to adhere to certain regulations may need these kinds of thresholds in order to meet their needs.

On top of this, they may have special requirements when it comes to the type of thresholds that they’re investing in, which may be satisfied by these pieces. China Black and Black Galaxy granite are both popular types of stone that are repeatedly specified when people invest in projects that call for higher-end stone thresholds. Anyone who sees these kinds of specifications may actually suffer from a little bit of sticker shock.

Fortunately for them, Absolute Black granite is essentially the same stone under another name and you shouldn’t have any difficulty with substituting it for these other branded varieties. That’s a great way to save even while you’re also saving by purchasing stones in bulk.

Developers and warehousing specialists who need to invest in a large supply of stone all at once should find this to be a great deal, and it’s also a good pick if you’re trying to stock up on thresholds for future projects.

Imagine if you were trying to do remodeling work on a large number of homes all at once. If you didn’t have sufficient supplies of stones, then you might run into some costly delays. With our packaged system, you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

Fitment For Double Hollywood Thresholds

Our packages are provided in both the 4″x36″x5/8″ size as well as the 5″x36″x5/8″ size, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty locating dimensions that are appropriate for the project you’re carrying out. Both of these dimensions are offered in packages of 100 pieces, so you should be able to get more than enough to complete nearly any type of construction or reclamation project.

Find Your Granite Thresholds At Stonexchange

Whether you’re looking for four or five-inch thresholds, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding them here at Stonexchange. For that matter, you might want to stock up if you manage a home improvement warehouse or are otherwise trying to provide direct sales to consumers.

In any case, use our online contact form to get in touch with our team. Then we can help you to get the kind of pieces you need the most.

Product: Threshold
Bevel: Double Hollywood
Material Name: Absolute Black
Material Type: Granite
Finish: Polished
Color: Black
Notes: 1 3/8″ Bevel on 2 long side
 Stock DimensionPacking Quantity
4" Thresholds
5" Thresholds