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Absolute Black Granite Single Hollywood Threshold 4x36
Absolute Black Granite Single Hollywood Threshold 4x36
Absolute Black Granite Single Hollywood Threshold 4x36
Absolute Black Granite Single Hollywood Threshold 4x36

Absolute Black Granite Thresholds- Single Hollywood Bevel

  • ProductThreshold
  • BevelSingle Hollywood
  • Material NameAbsolute Black
  • Material TypeGranite
  • FinishPolished
  • ColorBlack
  • Notes1 3/8″ Bevel on 1 long side

Absolute Black Granite Thresholds- Single Hollywood Bevel

Are you looking for a dramatic addition to your layout’s floors? Do you want something that’s going to shine long after the future property owners take control of the space that you’re developing? If the answer is yes, then you’re going to appreciate Absolute Black granite thresholds. 

These thresholds feature a single Hollywood bevel that gives them a gentler curve than a traditional straight cut might have. As a result, they feature a rounded edge that would be perfect in nearly any kind of high-end development.

Each of these thresholds come with a polished finish. This enables them to keep their gleam longer while also ensuring that they’re at least relatively easy to clean when it comes time for a property owner to wipe them off later. 

Benefits Of Absolute Black Granite Thresholds

Interior designers often use different terminology to specify different types of material. For instance, they might use Black Galaxy granite or China Black granite to refer to the same type of material that these Absolute Black granite pieces are made from. In cases where these other names are specified, these thresholds can substitute in seamlessly. The difference in specification has more to do with names used in different regions than it does with an actual variation in the type of stone being used.

While granite is technically not the same thing as marble, it can still be used anywhere that projects call for a natural piece of stone. That makes these an ideal choice for those who need transition thresholds as well as situations where an existing threshold has to be replaced. 

You might want to find something that matches the current design. Regardless, those who are involved in restoring entire developments or multi-unit dwellings will more than likely want to pick a single uniform design that’s going to be laid out through all of the units.

Whenever this is the case, you want to make sure you pick out something attractive. Absolute Black granite is certainly going to fit the bill while looking great for many years to come. Perhaps its ease of maintenance is its best feature, which is why you’ll want to see whether or not it will work for your next project.

Matching Thresholds To Your Project

These single Hollywood bevel thresholds are sold in two different convenient sizes. The two inch size features 2x36x⅜” dimensions and comes in a box of either 100 or 200 pieces. This should be enough for most types of projects, though it’s probably a good idea for managers of home improvement warehouses to invest in a number of cases since many customers will want to grab a number of these in order to redo whole areas with matching material. 

A series of four inch thresholds, with dimensions of 4x36x⅝”, are sold in packages of 50. This is probably going to be the best bet for anyone who needs something that’s capable of covering a much greater area.

Incorporate Natural Colors And Shades With StoneXChange

The crew here at STONEXCHANGE is sure that absolute black granite thresholds will become a must-have for many distributors in the home improvement market. For that reason we have stocked many thresholds nad other options. 

Contractors as well as warehousing specialists are encouraged to contact STONEXCHAGE. If you have more questions, or download our online catalog for more information about the best threshold options for them.