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Travertine Threshold Double Standard Bevel 2x36
Travertine Threshold Double Standard Bevel 2x36
Travertine Threshold Double Standard Bevel 2x36
Travertine Threshold Double Standard Bevel 2x36

Travertine Thresholds- Standard Double Bevel

  • ProductThreshold
  • BevelDouble Standard
  • Material NameIvory Travertine
  • Material TypeTravertine
  • FinishHoned
  • ColorBeige / Cream
  • Notes1/4"x1/4" Bevel on 2 long sides

Travertine Thresholds- Standard Double Bevel

These Travertine thresholds come with a simple standard double bevel cut along with a professionally honed finish that gives them a somewhat subdued look and feels without sacrificing performance. They’re capable of usage in areas where two different pieces of flooring material are installed as well as those that need to have a definitive edge. Their relatively neutral color should be able to fit into almost any kind of setting with a minimum of difficulty.

Contractors or warehousing specialists who need specific materials for their projects can use medium Ivory Travertine stones wherever Durango Cream Travertine, Chiaro Beige marble, or Roman Travertine is called for. These materials are essentially the same kind of stone marketed under other names. 

Use Cases For Travertine Thresholds

Take a few moments to look around current projects. Anywhere that needs a standard double bevel piece of stone might be a good place to install one of these Travertine thresholds. They could be used as transition pieces to go between two different areas of unlike heights or materials.

Small distances can easily be made up for by installing a single piece of stone to better even out the area. These can also be used for decorative reasons as well as to inhibit the flow of moisture from one area of a dwelling to another. 

For instance, you might need to put some form of the threshold at the edges of each bathroom or kitchen area for this reason. Unlike metallic ones, these won’t start to corrode as a result of the periodic flow of damp air. That makes them ideal for this kind of setting. Durability is a major consideration whenever you invest in a particular type of threshold.

Travertine tends to be neutrally colored, which enables it to match a number of modern styles of decor. The bold “in your face” designs of the past have slowly fallen out of favor with many designers, who’ve instead switched over to an increasingly demure look. 

On the other hand, these can actually be positioned in an area that uses bold colors and fresh designs if one would prefer. It isn’t hard to incorporate them in a very exciting design in spite of the fact that their ivory color is neutral. Interior designers are turning to them in droves regardless of which specific style of design they favor.

Each of these thresholds is cut from a 2″ piece of stone, so the stock dimensions measure at 2x36x½”. That should eliminate most of the sizing difficulties you’re likely to come into contact with. Considering that they’re shipped in packages of 200, it shouldn’t be hard to buy in bulk either. 

Pairing the Right StoneXChange Travertine Thresholds with Your Project

At StoneXChange, we always do our best to provide a wide selection of different kinds of materials. Our goal is to ensure that the greatest number of use cases gets covered.

Managers of home improvement stores as well as major high-end development projects will find it easy to get their hands on as much marble as they need. Contact us online or download our catalog