When you talk about the terms white and black in construction, they don’t refer to colors so much as they do to hues. When you ask for a white marble threshold, you could end up with a number of options. Take a look at these four types of white points and, you’ll be sure to find some great options that fit into almost any kind of decor.

1. Nuevo White Carrara

Chances are, if you think of a piece of white marble, your mind immediately comes up with an image close to Nuevo White Carrara. This marble’s pattern has a neutral tone throughout that’s accompanied by a series of gray veins, giving it a traditional classy look. Some people pair Nuevo White Carrara with Absolute Black Granite accents because they have a contrasting look that adds a modern flair to any project.

2. Botticino Marble

Over the years, many materials have been in and out of style. Botticino, however, has never fallen out of favor. It’s an attractive stone that looks great when it’s polished. Standard double-bevel or Hollywood bevel thresholds that feature this stone will be perfect for those who want a timeless, elegant look that’s the modern and traditional ideal. 

It’s hard to strike that kind of balance, which has helped to popularize the use of Botticino further. As soon as the piece is in place, its polished finish is going to help to establish the space as a high-end one that’s ready to be shown to the eventual property owners.

3. Pure White Thazoz

Rather than using an actual piece of marble, Pure White Thazoz thresholds are carefully engineered to have a light look. While this stone is artificial and created with a certain constructive process, it still has the look and feel of genuine natural stone. This has made it an especially popular option with those who want an optically neutral stone that doesn’t absorb water. Pure White Thazoz is often used in high-end bathrooms and other situations that require a stone that’s going to hold up against water exposure.

4. Crema Marfil Marble

Crema Marfil isn’t actually white in the way that many interior designers would talk about something being white. However, it’s still lighter than options like Emperador Brown, so you may still see it specified for certain types of construction projects. No matter what kind of marble you might be looking at, Crema Marfil will stand out. It has a neutral brownish tone that’s attractive to the eye while adding a splash of color to any area will help.

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