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Botticino Marble Standart Double Bevel Threshold
Botticino Standart Double Bevel Threshold
Botticino Marble Standart Double Bevel Threshold
Botticino Standart Double Bevel Threshold

Botticino Marble Thresholds – Standard Double Bevel

  • ProductThreshold
  • BevelDouble Standard
  • Material NameAbsolute White
  • Material TypeGranite
  • FinishPolished
  • ColorWhite
  • Notes1/4″x1/4″ Bevel on 2 long sides

At StoneXchange, we source our marble and granite from company-owned quarries. Our Botticino Marble Thresholds are not just beautiful and practical but also durable and long-lasting. We have a wide variety of colors and hues in natural stone. 

Because our marble is made of natural stone, it’s best to seal your marble to protect it from the elements. Once sealed correctly, these pieces can last for many years without losing their unparalleled beauty.

Botticino Marble Thresholds

A timeless flooring material with a beautiful and luxurious look, our Botticino Marble Thresholds are solid and durable. Granite has the natural characteristics of being rough-surfaced and will hide imperfections with little maintenance. 

This stone is ideal for delivering the elegance of marble without high maintenance. Elegant practicality makes it a perfect choice for commercial applications.

Our natural marble’s robust, enduring quality makes them one of our most popular products. Made from 100% quarried solid blocks of quarried marble, these beautiful threshold stones are light and easy to install. They’re both timeless and elegant – with a unique character that works great against any home!

Benefits Of Botticino Marble Thresholds

The Botticino Marble is one of the best quality Italian marbles in the world. It has a fantastic shine and beautiful color. Whether for flooring or wall cladding, Botticino Marble is the perfect material. There are many applications for Botticino Marble around the home, including bathroom tiles, kitchen countertops, tile flooring, tile walls, and bathroom vanity counters.

Matching Thresholds To Your Project

Our Botticino Marble Thresholds(Standard Double Bevel) are sold in four convenient sizes. The two-inch size features 2x36x3/8″ dimensions and comes in a box of either 100 or 200 pieces. 

Home improvement warehouses should invest in several cases. Customers will probably want a number of them to redo whole areas with matching materials. However, investing in a few cases is probably a good idea because these will usually be enough for most projects.

A series of four-inch thresholds, with dimensions of 4x36x5/8″, are sold in packages of 50. Those needing something that can cover a much wider area will probably find this the best option. 

Five-inch thresholds, with dimensions of 5″ x36 “x5/8″, are sold in packages of 50. Six-inch thresholds, with dimensions of 6” x36 “x5/8”, are sold in packages of 50. A project of this size should be able to be completed with these two materials.

Find Your Natural Stone And Marble Thresholds At StoneXChange

Various shapes, sizes, and colors of natural stone thresholds are available in our store. Quality materials and artistry are of the utmost importance to us. This product is manufactured to produce the most refined appearance and durability possible, making it an ideal choice for professional and residential use.

All our handmade thresholds have been thoroughly tested to ensure they have no imperfections and match the highest industry safety standards. The importance of this is that your thresholds will last longer. Contact StoneXChange if you are a contractor or warehousing specialist. If you have further questions, look at our online catalog for more options.