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Emperador Light Marble is a creamy blend of light browns and crystal clusters. Its natural and soothing brown color complements a wide range of design styles. The Premium Grade Light Emperador Marble Polished threshold liner tile is a lovely way to complete the Wall tile.

Light Emperador Brown marble is a natural stone with elegant brown color shades. It has a good hardness, which makes it suitable for flooring applications. Light Emperador Brown polished marble threshold is a double bevel saddle designed to finish hardwood and laminate flooring transitions to tile floors.

This stone’s floor and wall applications are versatile. Contractors can use them in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. Light Emperador Brown marble is suitable for flooring, cladding, and walls, with an elegant finish that makes it ideal for use in luxury homes or high-end hotels. This premium product has been carefully selected to meet today’s highest quality standards.

Emperador Light Brown Marble Threshold

Light Emperador Brown Marble is a natural stone, meaning each marble slab’s color and pattern may vary slightly. Its elegant brown color shades produce a warm appearance, making it perfect for any room. Light Emperador Brown Marble is recommended for flooring and wall applications; however, it can also be used as a countertop material such as dining rooms or kitchens.

Marble thresholds are recommended for wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, and kitchens because the stone is durable and easy to clean. Marble is a beautiful choice for high-traffic areas. It has a timeless beauty that works well in modern and traditional settings, and it’s your best bet if you want something that will last as long as your home does.

Threshold Size

Thresholds come in different sizes, such as the 2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch points. The two-inch size has dimensions of 2x36x3/8″ and is available in boxes of 100 or 200 pieces. This size should be sufficient for the majority of projects. 

A set of 50 four-inch thresholds with dimensions of 4x36x5/8″ is available. This is probably the best option for anyone who needs something that can cover a much larger area. Finally, the six-inch threshold comes in a packing quantity of 50 and dimensions of 6″x36″x5/8″.

Light Emperador Brown marble is a durable and elegant stone used for flooring and wall applications. It has a beautiful finish that matches many residential and commercial settings. They can be installed on hardwood floors or laminate flooring transitions to tile floors and come standard with double bevel edges.

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