Since they close the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor while also keeping out moisture, thresholds are pretty critical. Thresholds made from natural, as well as engineered stone, usually are considered the finest.

At StoneXchange, we’ve done our best to create a collection that makes it easy to find the thresholds you need. Check out these delicate styles.

Saddle Thresholds

These are one of the most common threshold types used when you come to an exterior opening. They can be mounted against supports underneath them, and the surface can be finished in one of several ways. Some double bevel thresholds may be seen as a more attractive option in situations where accessibility is a concern.

Heavy Duty Thresholds

Heavy-duty thresholds will normally get specified when forklifts or any other type of vehicle are used. These are designed to hold up against the use of heavier loads. Some of them include bumper seals, though these are normally looked at as their own class of thresholds instead.

Bumper Seal Thresholds

By offering a seal at the top that comes into full contact with the door when it’s closed, bumper seal thresholds can completely prevent moisture or air from coming under the door. The same undercut of the door is an important consideration when installing a bumper seal threshold. It has to be laid out in just the proper manner to make a strong seal.

Thermal Break Thresholds

At times, you’ll find thresholds that are built to feature an exaggerated break in the middle that can prevent heat from transferring either way through it. Whenever temperature differences start to get too high from inside and out, condensation will build up on things. Thermal breaks can help to reduce the risk of this by separating the threshold into multiple parts.

Carpet Dividers

When you want to divide carpeted areas from other carpeted areas, you’d naturally want to use a threshold to do so. Separating tile from carpet, concrete, and, in some cases, even tile from tile would also call for a threshold. These are of particular importance due to moisture and other safety-related considerations.

Both new housing construction projects and those that reclaim existing properties often call for these dividers. They may come in a variety of different stone specifications. Since the names of various types of stones are other in multiple geographical areas, you’ll want to jot these specs down and compare them to our product showcase.

Consider using an attractive stone threshold if you have to divide up multiple areas of flooring. These can help improve the look of the different regions of a property while still helping to protect the floor from any damage that might happen as a result of the disparate materials.

Get The Right Thresholds For Your Next Project At StoneXchange

At StoneXchange, you can find luxury thresholds, shower curbs, and more. We aim to be a top supplier for such options and to deliver quality material to your doorstep.  

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