Top 3 Thresholds Ideal for Large Flooring Contractors

Top 3 Thresholds Ideal for Large Flooring ContractorsWhen deciding on the right threshold for a new residential or construction project, there are different types of thresholds that contractors can choose from. It all depends on the type of project. Building a structure for a public space will have to meet ADA requirements where residential construction doesn’t isn’t so strict. Whether your company needs double, single, standard, or Hollywood bevels, we provide high quality marble thresholds to designers, architects, and engineers.

Wholesale Thresholds for Flooring Contractors

At Stone Exchange, we pride ourselves on being able to provide wholesale stones of a number of different types, but what puts thresholds aside from the rest of our products is the fact that so many developers and contractors need to order them in large lots. If you’re doing any kind of restoration or reconstruction work, then chances are that you’ll need to invest in a huge shipment all at once. The same goes for those who run warehousing or stocking operations, since you want to make sure you walk away with enough material to meet the needs of your clients.

We’ve done our best to get you exactly what you need at all times.

High-quality Products

When it comes to the stone we work with, we only ever get the best. some people might ask how it is that we can offer such a great price if we only ever use such high-quality products. The reason is two-fold. One is, of course, that many other organizations go out of their way to purchase expensive name-brand products. When you look at a stone, it still comes out of the same area of ground no matter where you placed an order for it from.

The other is that we do our work ourselves.

Affordable Price

Take a look at any of the cuts or bevels we ship, and you’ll see that we take our time with each stone. since we use a closed manufacturing system, however, we can ship natural stones for less in spite of the fact that the quality is so high.

Project specifications often call for one name of stone, which requires contractors to go out and look for it. Since we use the same types and colors of stones sold under other names, you can save quite a bit of money by buying through us.

Flawless Shipment

One other way we’ve cut prices and provided a much better service to our customers is by reducing the risk of something being delivered that’s damaged. When products have to be sent to a consumer on more than one occasion, it drives the overall price up.

By packaging things correctly and shipping our products out on time, we’ve reduced these ancillary costs and therefore been able to pass the savings in time as well as money on to the community of contractors who use our products.

3 Thresholds that We Offer for Large Flooring Contractors

Let’s review what Stonexchange, a wholesale distributor of natural stone thresholds has in stock. Here are the top 3 ideal selections we have to offer!

1. Double Hollywood Bevel Crema Sahara Marfil Thresholds

Hollywood bevels are also referred to as handicapped thresholds since they are larger than a regular one (a standard bevel measures ¼”, while a Hollywood bevel ranges from 1” to 1 3/8”). This means that it serves as a small ramp and is perfect for wheelchairs and other rolling objects, making them the ideal choice for large commercial projects.

Double Hollywood Bevels are perfect transition pieces. Their large size makes them comfortable and almost unnoticeable. Why does Crema Sahara Marfil make them the #1 top choice for flooring contractors? It is because marble is a product that is resistant and, at the same time, aesthetically pleasing. It provides a look of cleanliness, order, and luxury. Also, its neutral color makes it easy to combine with other materials.

2. Standard Double Bevel White Carrara Thresholds

A standard Double Bevel, on the other hand, is shaped like a brick rock rather than like a ramp. However, its soothing edges give it a smooth look making it less sharp. It is the ideal choice for spa projects or bathrooms because it works as the perfect water barrier. Its measures range from 2”, 4”, ½”, 5”, to 6” wide, and up to 14” in length. Its height ranges around 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, or ¾”.

White Carrara is the ideal marble stone selection for a Standard Double Bevel because its white color gives a sterile and modern sense of luxury.

3. Single Hollywood Bevel Pure White Thazoz Thresholds

Single Hollywood Bevels provide the perfect end piece. This is due to the easy transition a Hollywood Bevel provides as well as its amazing looking color. Single Hollywood Bevels made of Pure White Thazoz give the final aesthetic, yet functional touch that any commercial or residential project needs.

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