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Engineered stone is a natural product of quartz, natural pigments, and resin. It is an artificial alternative to granite, marble, and other natural stones. Pure white engineered thresholds show one of the best products you can get as an affordable home material. 

How Is Engineered Stone Made?

Manufacturers combine quartz, pigment, and resin in a factory or workshop setting. The ingredients are combined and poured into a mold to create the desired shape. The result is a product that has the same appearance as natural stone but is more consistent in color and pattern.

Contractors often prefer engineered thresholds because they are more consistent in color and pattern than natural stone. Color and pattern consistency is important because it gives your home a more polished and finished look. When every piece of stone in your home is the same color and has the same pattern, it looks like a professionally designed and installed space. Professionalism is paramount in high-traffic areas like doorways, where you want your home to look its best.

Engineered stone is less likely to chip or crack. Engineered stone is more durable than marble or granite because it is made of quartz. Quartz is a natural mineral that is very hard and does not scratch easily. It also does not absorb liquids, so it is less likely to stain than natural stones.

Easier Installation

Installation of engineered stone is a straightforward process. Many contractors can complete the process in a short period, saving time and costs for them and the homeowner. They have to undertake the following steps:

Remove the old threshold and any accompanying materials such as nails, staples, or adhesive.

Clean the surface where the new threshold will be installed using a vacuum or broom.

  1. Measure the length and width of the opening and cut the threshold to size using a saw.

Apply a layer of adhesive to the surface and place the threshold in position. Use a level to ensure that it is installed correctly.

  1. Apply pressure to the threshold for several minutes to ensure it adheres to the surface.


Natural Vs. Engineered Stone

When it comes to natural stones, there are many options to choose from, including marble or granite. But the engineered stone is the best way to go when looking for a pure white stone. 

One of the most popular reasons to install a pure white threshold is to match a light-colored floor. By replacing an old, dark hall with a pure white one, you can brighten up the entire entrance area of your home.

Pure white thresholds are also a good choice for homes with modern or contemporary aesthetics. They can help to create a sleek and polished look in your entryway.

If you are looking for an elegant and understated way to improve the appearance of your home, then consider installing a pure white threshold.

Find Your Natural Stone At StoneXChange

StoneXChange is your top source for stone thresholds. Our store-owned quarries allow us to deliver material straight to your doorstep. 

Please reach out to us today to learn more about our natural stone option. StoneXChange will extol more benefits of engineered thresholds. 

Product: Threshold
Bevel: Single Hollywood
Material Name: Pure White
Material Type: Engineered Stone
Finish: Polished
Color: White
Notes: 1 3/8″ Bevel on 1 long side
Stock DimensionsPacking Quantity
4" Thresholds