Marble Stone Window SillsIn the beginning, window sills were originally made out of wood, it was easy to find and economical to purchase but because wood is a natural resource it is susceptible to decay and rot due to excess humidity.

 If you are building a home or looking to upgrade your window sills Stonexchange recommends Marble Stone. Read below to discover why marble is best for window sills: 

3 Reasons Marble Stone is The Best Material for Your Window Sills 

1. The Durability of Marble Stone

Marble is a metamorphic rock and a natural resource but it won’t decay like wood or iron oxides do, due to the intense heat and pressure marble undergoes when forming. Marble is very durable and won’t rot or absorb mold when exposed to an overabundance of humidity. 

Since white marble is a rock, it will not lose its quality or fade due to overexposure from the sun or acid rain and you can be assured that marble will last you a lifetime. Smart homeowners look to invest in materials that are durable and look phenomenal on the day of their purchase and decades later. This is the true definition of high-quality materials and permanence. 

2. Window Sills Maintenance 

Marble window wills are easy to maintain. If it gets too humid in your kitchen while you are cooking, or if anything falls on it such as foods or wine, you can simply wipe down your marble sills with a towel and the stone will remain unaffected. 

If you are worried about staining your Carrara white marble window sills then we suggest opting for a colored marble such as Absolute Black, Verd Antique, Granite Bardiglio Gray or Emperador Brown. These tonalities are on the darker side and are 100% guaranteed to not stain due to food coloring, wine, or other materials that have pigment and have the potential to dye.

3. Aesthetics 

Marble is very aesthetically pleasing both as natural stone and when transformed into a marble countertop, marble sills or as a window frame. It doesn’t matter what shape it takes it will make a very elegant addition to your home. 

Marble as a window trim for your sill will widen your window space so you can place objects such as books, picture frames or your phone while it charges. 

The natural and subtle designs embedded in the marble are proof that minimalism and baroque styles can converge to coexist. If you look closely at this refined stone you will discover a whole microcosmos inside. Let the beauty of nature augment the charm of your home. 

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The stone trade has evolved since it began. Crushed marble and stones with calcium carbonate are more widely accepted in this contemporary market due to the easy access of information and fast transportation.

Look for the dimension of stone you would like for your window sill or request a consultation. Contact us if you have any questions or comments or would like Stonexchange to be your new supplier of marble and stone.