When most companies talk about modern home interior design, they’re really just talking about rehashing the same old ideas repeatedly. Firms that want to stay on the absolute cutting-edge need to genuinely shake things up. If you’re ready to take the plunge, then consider the following ideas.

You might be surprised to find out how different you can make a room look simply by switching out the sills!

1) Large 74″ Sills to Make a Room Seem Larger

For the longest time, it wasn’t possible to find larger sills in any significant amount. That made it hard for designers to incorporate them in room design since they normally could only ask contractors to install them on a case-by-case basis.

Interior designers, however, absolutely loved these larger sills because they could suddenly increase the perceived size of a room. Fortunately, it’s 

now possible to get them in 100 count boxes. At that size, you could remodel all of the windows in an entire multi-unit dwelling.

Keep in mind that these larger sills do come in several different stones at this point, so you could select a darker piece to add more of a dramatic effect. A majority of interior designers love to use some form of White Carrara, however, because it’s an attractive standby that really draws the eye.

In the process, this can make a room seem that much larger.

2) Explore Natural Stones Besides Marble

Chances are that most window sills you’ve seen are wood or some sort of composite material, which makes any sort of marble seem exotic by comparison. If you’re designing structures for those who might already be a bit jaded, then you’re going to need to explore other materials.

When was the last time you saw a window sill made out of black granite? It’s probably been a while, and more than likely it was in some sort of specialty display. You can add this same touch of class to the properties you manage.

It’s sure to surprise nearly everyone since this particular style of design isn’t used very often. That should make it especially attractive to contracts that are looking to establish their own unique mark that clients know them by.

Polished limestone is also an option. Scandinavian modern designers have gone with it for years, and now it’s quickly taking North America by storm as well.

3) Consider Engineered Stones to Deal with Unique Issues

Moisture, fingerprints, dirt from houseplants and many other maladies that assault sills aren’t doing your interior design choices any favors. While things might look great in the model home, things will be very different when the property owners eventually move in.

Consider using engineered Thasoz stone, which doesn’t have any water absorbency at all. This gives owners the ability to simply wipe it clean and preserve the original design’s look.

4) Honed Pieces Give a Very Different Look

An overwhelming majority of stone windowsills have a polished finish. If you want to give your projects a completely different look, then consider honed and filled stones. While Travertine marble is normally used for pavers, a honed piece of it will look great in any room decorated with traditional earthy tones.

Once you’ve picked out a style that you really like, don’t forget to take a moment to contact us online and find out more about what’s currently in stock.