Door saddles, otherwise known as thresholds, are a strip of wood or marble that sits beneath doors. They are used as an aesthetically pleasing solution to separate different floor tiles between two rooms. Marble thresholds are a bit higher than the floor, ½” to ¼” to be exact, and they are used mostly in bathrooms to avoid any water from getting into another room. Marble thresholds are also used as a safety precaution and provide a smooth transition between floors with different levels or textures such as from tile to carpet. 

If you bought too many marble window sills and find yourself wanting to do something with them instead of throwing them away, we propose that you use them as door saddles. Our Window Sills are made out of high-quality materials, it would be a misfortune to waste and get rid of them. 

Repurpose Your Window Sills Into Door Thresholds

Travertine Window Sills

Travertine makes a beautiful threshold to transition from the bedroom into the bathroom. Since a window sill is a little higher than your regular threshold you can be assured that no water will cross over into the bedroom. Travertine is neutral in color which makes it very easy to match with any other floor tiles you might have in your bedroom or bathroom. 

Carrara Marble Window Sills

Carrara Marble is very white and clear in color. If you have neutral floor tiles, this would be a good option for a door saddle. If you are striving for more of an eclectic look in your home, this color could act as a balance in the act. 

Although the window trim sits at the bottom of the door, the type of marble you get for the threshold can either enhance the beauty of a room or diminish it. Carrara is a very adaptable natural stone and will look really good either way. 

Absolute Black Granite Window Sills

Black granite is a metamorphic rock, meaning it has gone through extreme heat processes and transitions. It is composed of calcium carbonate, makes a wonderful marble countertop, also serves as a unique threshold. Colored marble can be a huge move if you are more into a minimalist style, but you will be surprised how nicely black granite transitions from a window frame into a door saddle. 

Crema Marfil Window Sills

Crema Marfil is similar to white marble but creamier. On the picture, it looks more like a verd antique but in reality, it is more like a creme. If you have wooden floors this crema Marfil window sill would be a good transition into a marble floor tiled bathroom. 

If you live in a Floridian area prone to hurricane disasters, you could really benefit from using a window sill into a door saddle. With the saddle, no water or debris gets inside the house. The water will be blocked, and the humidity and mold avoided. 

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Windows structurally are made to block external wind, light, and water. Door thresholds can serve one of these purposes, they can block water. Iron oxides and wood rots, but marble can endure the effects of water and won’t negatively impact your home. If you need help finding anything or would like some more ideas on how to repurpose window sills into door saddles contact us. Our customer service team will assist you.