Improve Energy Efficiency Of Your Home With Water Proof Window Sills

Waterproof Window SillsPoorly fitted or sealed windows are one of the biggest places that you’re likely losing heat, and they might also be a major issue if you keep everything air-conditioned all of the time. This isn’t just an issue related to comfort, either. While these window problems are likely messing with the way that you feel considering their impact on your home’s climate control system, there’s a good chance that they’re also wasting a lot of energy.

At Stonexchange, we’re always on the lookout for ways to save ultimate property owners money and help protect precious natural resources. While you might be surprised to hear it, a simple waterproof windowsill can help to stop the flow of air in and out of a home or commercial building.

Waterproof Window sills for Energy Efficiency

Consider a material like engineered stone, which has zero water absorption. It isn’t going to attract water, swell or cause humidity-related issues because of its unusual construction. While it’s not a simple drop-in solution for every single energy efficiency-related problem, it’s become extremely popular with home designers who want to reduce the exchange of heat outside of the building and help stop moisture from coming in.

Many homeowners even find it easy to clean, which is important for those who might have had some issues with high levels of humidity in the past. On top of this, it’s become attractive for those who want to do a little extra caulking.

Picking A Window sill You Can Install Tightly

Those who pick waterproof window sills are often looking to add an additional layer of caulk in order to keep out extra water as well as get rid of yet another one of the areas where air could be escaping an inside room. Those who have to add some caulk can do so right above the installation joint.

Keep in mind that using a waterproof windowsill already helps to reduce the risk of rainwater damage. If any were to enter your home, then you can simply clean it off with a dry cloth. Engineered stone itself won’t absorb water, so it won’t penetrate the actual body of the windowsill itself.

Most importantly for those who are concerned with energy efficiency, these stones are remarkably sustainable.

Further Reducing Costs with Waterproof Windowsills

Cleaning products often have harsh chemicals, but they’re not necessary when working with engineered stone in most cases. As a result, you can further help to reduce your impact on the environment by cutting back on your reliance on these compounds. At the same time, the stones themselves don’t take as much energy to produce since they’re not drilled for. In many cases, homeowners will be more willing to open them since they don’t have as much of a problem cleaning them, which can reduce their need to switch on the AC unit.

If you’re an eco-conscious manager of a building project or home improvement warehouse, then you’re probably on the lookout for as many different ways to improve your customers’ sustainability levels as possible. Anyone who resonates with that can contact us online to find out more about these sorts of unique products. They can drastically change the way you build and think about the issue of energy efficiency.

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