Wholesale Marble Window Sills in Miami: Cheaper Than Lowes and Home Depot

Wholesale Marble Window Sills in Miami: Cheaper Than Lowes and Home DepotAs a contractor or designer, you understand what buyers want. You’re looking for those little touches that will set you apart from the competition. You appreciate the value of marble thresholds and window sills to make an incredible impression on potential buyers, but you may not know how to keep your costs down when investing in this fine building material.

Even if you’re working with a local big box store that’s willing to provide you with a small discount for being a contractor, you may find that the products are still cheaper when you work with a wholesaler. Based out of Miami, Stonexchange has satisfied customers throughout the nation. We’re committed to being cheaper than Home Depot or Lowes when you’re buying marble sills and thresholds, but it’s not just about price.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to service. That’s why we’re both a wholesaler as well as a manufacturer. In fact, some home improvement stores and warehouses have come to us in order to get stones that they can then retail out to their consumers. 

Property developers and house flippers often have to get a huge quantity of stone all at once. When that happens, they turn to us because they can trust that we’ll get them everything they need in a time frame that actually works for even a fairly tight project deadline.

Time Is Money

The first thing to remember is that time is money, and you appreciate that more than anyone as a contractor. Every minute that you waste trying to find items in a box store, waiting for someone to help you, waiting to get your large order filled, and waiting to have your truck loaded is a minute that you could be working on a client’s job.

We’re more than happy to have people visit our showroom, but this usually isn’t necessary. Just a single call is all that it would take to get the message out that you need a specific type of stone. Over the years, we’ve taken a number of custom orders that involved something extremely specific. 

Unusual dimensions are usually the biggest issue. Though we’re happy to take these kinds of orders, we do invite anyone concerned about this sort of issue to look over our current offerings because there’s a good chance that something in stock will do the job just fine.

Quality You Know

The big box stores buy from different manufacturers, so you never really know what you’re getting for quality. They’re dealing with numerous wholesalers, which means you won’t know if the stones have been cut and polished by a knowledgeable artisan or someone who’s just starting out and may not take as much care.

The problem with lower quality stones is that they’re more likely to crack over time and that leads to unhappy customers. You need to protect your reputation as a contractor, and that starts with quality merchandise that you can count on.

We quarry our own stones overseas, and our manufacturing center has highly experienced artisans who take a great deal of pride in their work. Whether you need to have a custom order filled or you’re ordering stock items, you can count on receiving quality merchandise that will suit your needs and last for decades.

Handled With Care

When you head to the local home improvement store, you do have the benefit of taking merchandise home that day. However, packaging can be tricky. Without the proper spacers and protective materials, you’re more likely to have problems with breakage. This eats into your profit margin as you wind up with pieces that cannot be used, and the stores won’t always return individual tiles when you’ve purchased them by the case.

We take great pride in our merchandise and we handle our products with care. Unlike the worker at the home improvement store who carelessly stacks the tiles in your car without much concern about keeping them safe, we meticulously package your tiles in containers and crates. While we cannot completely eliminate breakage, we do take steps to minimize it greatly.

You can count on having reduced breakage levels, and that helps you speed things up at the worksite. You’ll spend less time checking for damage and more time installing the new thresholds. Your profit margin will be protected for long-term savings.

Specializing In Large Orders

The home improvement stores cater to homeowners who are doing their own work. While you may find more than enough marble to do the windows in one area of the home, you may not find enough to do every window on the property. If you’re working on a large project and need full cases or crates, the local stores simply won’t be able to accommodate you. 

However, we specialize in large orders. We can ensure that you’re ready for a massive project, and you won’t have to waste time waiting for someone to check the backroom or call around to other stores. This also ensures that all your pieces have been expertly color-matched to maintain consistency throughout your project.

We provide more than just windowsills, though, which is great news for those who want to order enough material to completely redo an entire construction project. Many of these can be acquired in a manner that actually compliments the same type of color and texture used by the aforementioned windowsills. 

Shower curbs, for instance, come in several different types of material. You could get them in the same type used to make a particular windowsill that you’ve installed in a bathroom or, alternatively, you could decide to contrast them by making one area dark and another light.

While home improvement stores usually have a fairly wide selection of these kinds of things, you’re less likely to find ones that match so readily. That might mean that you wouldn’t get enough stone to finish a project that spells out exactly what sort of material you’re supposed to be using. 

Substituting materials are fine, assuming that you use identical stones that are simply named differently. Using ones that you simply find nearly at random in a hardware store can increase costs over time, however. By ordering material directly from us, you can always be sure that you have enough on hand to finish the job, which can help you stay on budget at all times.

Wholesale Pricing That Cannot Be Beat

We offer wholesale pricing that you simply cannot beat. Just as we carefully control our packaging and shipping standards, we also take steps to lower expenses through every step of the process. Not only do we save money as a result, but we pass those savings on to you through lower prices. 

You can either pass the savings on to your customers, or you can keep them and enjoy the higher profit levels. Either way, you can be confident that your cost per square foot will be lower than at Home Depot or Lowes.

Granted, we’ll admit that if you need only one or two pieces you probably would save money by buying a few from a local store. However, most people who approach StoneXChange are from the real estate development, warehousing, or retailing industries. 

People who do this kind of work are in almost constant need of new pieces of stone, which means that they’ll be the kind of people to benefit the most from this. When it comes to window sills Lowes is a good bet for individual consumers. The same goes for marble window sills at Home Depot for individuals.

Contractors who are doing serious work need serious amounts of stone. They’re going to get a much better deal with our organization.

Personal Service And Attention

How many times have you walked into a local store and searched for someone to help you? How often is that individual able to answer your questions or provide you with the service that you need? 

You won’t have to worry about this when you work with Stonexchange. Our primary focus is on customer satisfaction, so we treat our customers with respect and provide them with personal attention. This is one of the top reasons people throughout the country are turning to Stonexchange for their natural stone thresholds, window sills, and other supplies. 

We believe in getting to know our customers, and we’ll take the time to ensure that your order is right the first time. Your budget will benefit from the lower prices, but you’ll appreciate the great service on an entirely new level.

When it’s time to place your order for natural stone thresholds and window sills, see how Stonexchange can help you save money. While you’ll love the wholesale pricing, it’s not just about the initial cost. We aim to help you save money at the time of purchase and down the road.

We’re committed to providing high-quality stones that will satisfy your desire for premium materials and your client’s need for durable materials. We pay attention to detail to ensure that your order is filled properly the first time so that you can avoid the hassle of returns and exchanges later. 

We’ll provide you with the personal attention and great service that you deserve, and we hope that you’ll benefit from our dedication to excellence. Our team can fill orders of any size, and we’ll custom cut those special items that you need to get a job done.

Refine Your Wall And Floor Mosaic Tiles With StoneXChange

With StoneXchange, you just have to make one phone call. It only takes a few minutes to place your order, and we’ll take care of everything else for you. Our friendly representatives will double-check your order to ensure that it meets your needs. We offer fast processing and shipment so you can continue working on your jobs while we take care of delivering the marble items to your doorstep.

Contact us today. Reach out and give us the opportunity to show you how we’re different from the local stores and prove that we can help you save money in several ways.

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