Travertine tile
White Carrara tile
White Carrara
Crema Marfil tile
Crema Marfil
Absolute Black Granite tile
Absolute Black Granite
Euro Beige tile
Euro Beige
Pure White Engineered
Pure White Engineered
Concrete Gray Engineered
Concrete Gray Engineered
Emperador Brown tile
Emperador Brown

Marble Shower Curb Thresholds at Wholesale Prices

Are you renovating a luxury house? Have you set a budget for matching tile or travertine marble? You can get a good deal on any polished marble threshold of your liking from a manufacturer. Don’t forget to look at marble shower curb thresholds at wholesale prices. While designing a luxurious new bathroom, you’ll want to … Continued

Window Sill Ideas for Modern Home Interior Design

When most companies talk about modern home interior design, they’re really just talking about rehashing the same old ideas repeatedly. Firms that want to stay on the absolute cutting-edge need to genuinely shake things up. If you’re ready to take the plunge, then consider the following ideas. You might be surprised to find out how … Continued

Top 5 Natural Stones that are Used as Material for Windowsills & Thresholds

Wooden windowsills can rot away, and metal thresholds eventually corrode. Your projects demand materials that are going to withstand everything that future property managers can throw at them. If you’re doing any kind of restoration work or remodeling, then you’re going to want to replace existing structures with materials that are at least as good … Continued

Where To Shop For Marble Thresholds In Large Quantities

Building developments and renovation projects involve obtaining large quantities of interior accessories. Natural stone thresholds and matching window sills can be ordered from a special merchant. Nevertheless, the cost can be an issue if these products are purchased in smaller amounts. Even the larger orders may require the buyer to be patient if the materials … Continued

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Marble Thresholds Instead of Wood

Thresholds provide more than just a visual barrier between two different floor surfaces. They help keep the seal firm and prevent carpet from buckling. A tight seal between floor coverings also keeps moist air from seeping upward from below, slowing the process of decay from mold and mildew. Marble thresholds are among the most commonly … Continued