Pure White Thassos vs. White Carrara Window Sills

Pure White Thasoz vs. White Carrara Window Sills

Pure White Thasoz vs. White Carrara Window SillsChoosing the right window sill is a very important decision when designing a home or other property. Window sills can give a great final touch to any room and there are a variety of different options to choose from. Two great options to consider when you are looking for a new window sill for your home are Pure White Thasoz and White Carrara sills. These window sills are both sold by Stonexchange and have a variety of different features that separate the two options.

Aesthetics of Pure White Thasoz and White Carrara Window Sills

One of the main differences that separate the Pure White Thasoz and White Carrara window sills is the appearance of the window sill. Both of the window sills are made of a beautiful stone material, but the Pure White Thasoz option is completely white without any veins running through it. The White Carrara option looks similar but also has some grey veins that run through it for additional style and texture.

Viewers who’ve grown accustomed to looking at various styles of marble will surely recognize these veins, and they’ve certainly become a sought-after part of the appearance that’s well-liked among many individuals. On top of this, it’s neutral enough to fit into any particular situation or setting. That being said, you won’t want Thasoz since it can be used in any place that calls for white Thassos marble.

Note the difference in spelling. Those white Thassos marble stones are specified somewhat differently, their appearance is virtually the same and the two can be exchanged for one another. It’s also possible to exchange White Carrara marble sills whenever you see a request for George White, Cherokee marble or even Vermont white marble. The stones are similar enough that these monikers have all but completely evolved into trade names that allow for the interchange of different types of material among one another.

These two stones, however, are still quite different.

Stone Type Differences In Pure White Thasoz and White Carrara Window Sills

Another major difference between the Pure White Thasoz and White Carrara window sills is that they are made of different types of stone. The Pure White Thassos’ option comes built with an engineered stone that provides you with a variety of benefits when it comes to durability. The White Carrara is a natural marble stone.

Over time, white Thassos marble price quotes have gone up as a result of these benefits. It seems like engineers have realized that people appreciate the fact that this type of stone offers virtually no level of water absorption. That being said, you can find genuine Thasoz stones that are again interchangeable for a far lower price. This should prove to be good news for those who might be doing a great deal of construction or managing a large wholesaler that needs to stockpile a hefty amount of material over a long period of time.

Keep that issue of water absorbency in mind as you shop our entire catalog because it could be surprisingly important in many situations.

Water Absorbency: Pure White Thasoz and White Carrara Window Sills

When shopping for window sills, another important factor to consider is the water absorbency. The Pure White Thasoz window sills are made with an engineered stone that is designed to completely protect it from water. These window sills have zero water absorbency that can make them ideal for window sills in a room that is prone to having some water intrusion. While the White Carrara window sills are also very durable, they have more absorbency than the engineered stone option. Marble can absorb water and will require you to be diligent about making sure they are cleaned and dried regularly.

As a result, the upfront white Thassos marble price might look a bit more reasonable over the long-term. For that matter, the price of genuine Pure White Thasoz may start to look especially promising. You might need to put less into maintenance with this kind of stone, which could prove to be more attractive to future property owners that have to deal with the regular maintenance of a particular structure.

You’ll also want to think about architecture features beyond mere window sills. These are only part of the equation, after all. Consider things like marble thresholds, so you can also finish up bathrooms and other parts of the property as well. Naturally, you’ll want to install some form of threshold whenever two disparate types of flooring come into contact.

Size Options: Pure White Thasoz and White Carrara Window Sills

Another difference between the Pure White Thasoz and White Carrara window sills is that there are more options with the White Carrara when it comes to size. The Pure White sills are currently only available in the 74-inch sill size. While this is good for most commercial products and sufficient for those that are buying in bulk, White Carrara has more options that are readily available. White Carrara can come standard with both 56” and 37” sills. However, at Stonexchange we can also customize a wide variety of other options for those that are looking for a specific size for their project.

Whether you choose Pure White Thasoz and White Carrara window sills for your next project, purchasing them through the Stonexchange is a great option.

Stonexchange is a great option for anyone who is looking to complete a commercial project or purchase these sills in bulk. Always remember that there’s a good chance that anyone who starts a project will end up running out of material during the construction, which can be a major issue if you’re not able to secure more pieces in the future. By stocking up now, you can guarantee that you’ll have a sufficient amount of material to finish a project even if it turns out that you need a little extra in the future. The company can quickly complete any order for you to keep your project moving along on schedule. Just contact us online today for more information to place your order now.

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