5 Decorative Uses for Absolute Black Granite Thresholds

Luxury Note With Black Granite Window Sills, South FloridaYour high-end clients or commercial builds demand durability that doesn’t sacrifice style. However, practical and durable doesn’t necessarily need to be basic or boring. One cost-effective way to add interesting accents is to use traditional construction materials in non-traditional ways. Take a few moments to think up some creative ideas, because there’s a wide variety of new design concepts that you might never have had the opportunity to take advantage of.

There are countless ones out there to give a try to.

Natural stone thresholds are one way to achieve this. Typically, they’re necessary elements for creating safer transitions as well as shower enclosure boundaries that are appealing and effective. Since purchasing such materials in bulk at wholesale prices provides you with plenty of stock, you can make your existing inventory perform double-duty with decorative design ideas using Absolute Black Granite thresholds.

This should prove particularly attractive to those who are working on rolling out large construction projects that consist of multiple structures. Imagine that you had to build a number of houses next to one another. If this were the case, then there’s a good chance that these would all have to adhere to the same general pattern. That means you’ll probably be using the same sort of materials in each building, which could quickly cause you to run out. It’s best to stock up on Absolute Black Granite slabs while you have the opportunity, so you won’t run into any snags later on that could slow things down for you. Keeping enough material on hand will ensure that you’ll be able to keep on chugging no matter what.

You might be curious as to why Absolute Black Granite material is so useful in these situations, however.

Why Select Absolute Black Granite?

Polished black granite lends a decorative element that’s bold and modern. Since darker building materials suffer defects better and are easier to clean and maintain, they work in places that lighter stone or wood can’t. Whether you use Absolute Black Granite to tie-together a monochromatic color scheme or as a contrast, the end results are spectacular.

Perhaps even more importantly for those who manage budget-minded projects, the black granite threshold cost figures won’t be much more than what you expect for anything else. You’re not going to have to shell out considerably more for this stone than you might have had you been working with some sort of synthetic material. There are a few other aspects that could help you save money as well.

Black granite threshold cost estimates often run high because of the type of material specified. However, Absolute Black Granite material can work well in projects that call for China Black or Black Galaxy granite stones. That means you’ll be getting the same material, but for a potentially lower price.

Stonexchange’s Absolute Black Granite

Our black granite thresholds are ADA-compliant and available in widths of 2, 4, 5, and 6 inches, with a standard length of 36 inches; they feature a 1/4-inch Hollywood bevel on each of the two long sides. You can purchase the 2-inch thresholds with a 3/8-inch thickness in containers of 100 – 200; all other widths are available in 5/8-inch thicknesses in units of 50 per box.

We can also make custom thresholds to order, but it may take longer to process and fulfill your request. Read on to learn some unique ways to put your Absolute black granite thresholds to use.

1. Trim a Fireplace

A fireplace is already a focal point of any room it’s in, but you can make it even more spectacular without seeming overdone. Contemporary fireplace design often means stone hearths that are flush with the floor, and Absolute Black granite offers a stunning transition that separates the hearth area from your flooring.

Continuing this minimalist trend, consider installing a slim mantle of threshold material, or bordering the entrance to the fireplace insert with a rim of black granite; with four widths to choose from, it can be as subtle or as bold as you want. This is a stunning look with a white marble or stone fireplace.

2. Create a Decorative Display

Marble and other decorative stone materials have been used as features in mosaics and large slab wall hangings dating back centuries. Adding a bit of interest by bordering an oversized wall display in highly polished black granite lends a stately elegance that’s perfect in an executive boardroom, luxury home, or large reception area in a hospitality or office setting. Who needs a traditional frame when you can have a luxury stone?

Considering the extremely striking color of a granite threshold or other piece would have, this could certainly be seen as decorative regardless of where you were to put it in or around a room.

3. Built-In Nooks or Shelving

Granite shelving is not just for housing soap in your shower stall. Consider recessed black granite shelving over a backsplash in a white and stainless steel kitchen or to line a decorative nook in your entryway. The 2- or 3-inch width could be used to support spices, and the larger sizes can hold candles, knick-knacks, or framed photos.

Several other methods could also be employed to use shelving in this fashion, in part because polished granite is relatively easy to keep clean. While you won’t want to abuse it any more than you would any other high-end building material, it’s going to be relatively easy for the future property owner that takes over from your project to start maintaining. That might make it more attractive to them in the end, which is a great idea for those who are trying to find potential buyers for their unfinished improved lots.

For that matter, this kind of shelving may certainly look very striking when viewed in nearly any real estate photograph.

4. Create an Elegant Room Transition

In most settings, thresholds are used to provide a safe transition from indoors to out, in main entryways, or into rooms where there is a slight difference in floor height. However, in cases where there is a difference in flooring material—from wood to carpet or tile, a threshold makes that transition appear less awkward.

Absolute Black Granite looks especially exquisite when used with white marble or with a vintage black and white checkerboard floor design. It can also be used to mark the entrance to a formal dining room or solarium.

Give this a consideration as well whenever you’re moving from one type of flooring material to another. That happens in bathrooms and kitchens quite often, but it could potentially happen nearly anywhere in a home. Those who are in the process of constructing commercial properties will also find a number of uses in this fashion, especially because it’s become something of a must in circles that demand chic new types of construction.

5. Use Absolute Black Granite to Accent Countertops, Tubs, or Walls

Threshold materials don’t necessarily belong on the floor. Black granite pieces add a bit of interest when it’s installed as a lip or ridge around the top of a custom marble tub or granite countertop.

Absolute Black Granite can also be used to cap a half wall or as a border tile to create a transition on a wall that’s painted in two colors or half painted and half tiled. In fact, anywhere that you might install a baseboard, a bit of trim, or a border, you can substitute a black granite threshold instead.

Keep in mind that black granite threshold cost estimates might very well be lower than you’d imagine that they would be. That means you could do this kind of work for potentially much less than you might otherwise think you could.

Threshold materials don’t necessarily belong on the floor. Black granite pieces add a bit of interest when it’s installed as a lip or ridge around the top of a custom marble tub or granite countertop. Absolute Black Granite can also be used to cap a half wall or as a border tile to create a transition on a wall that’s painted in two colors or half painted and half tiled. In fact, anywhere that you might install a baseboard, a bit of trim, or a border, you can substitute a black granite threshold instead.

Your Go-To Source for Fine-Quality Thresholds and Window Sills

Stonexchange depends on providing you with superior products and services, and that’s something we take seriously. We strive to provide a true one-stop shopping experience that extends from manufacturing to importing and then delivering select quality merchandise right to your warehouse or building site. Our granite, marble, and natural stone window sills and thresholds are in high demand by our clients, and we believe that they deserve the best.

Our 18,000 square foot warehouse in Southern Florida allows us to keep a large stock on hand that’s ready to go when and where you need it. Because we control the supply chain and the quality, buying in bulk directly from us means that you’ll have a steady supply of products to meet the demands of your business. You’ll also appreciate interacting with our knowledgeable staff of decorative stone experts.

Don’t forget about using other materials in addition to your new collection of granite threshold slabs. You might want to consider something like Crema Sahara Marfil for other areas of your property in order to give it a little bit of a different flair.

At Stonexchange, We are Fully Stocked!

We have thousands of units of competitively priced stock in our inventory at all times, and accommodations can be made for extra-large or special orders. We’re committed to forging long-standing relationships with builders, retailers, and design houses, and we can’t wait to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.
For more information or to place an order, contact us with our online form today. We’re open for business and ready to serve you Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

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