Modern Shower Window Sills For Your Next Renovation

Travertine shower sills

The next time you’re renovating a home or perhaps a group of them, think about what kinds of window sills are going to go near the shower. Naturally, there’s usually no reason to physically install windows into a shower stall itself. If anything, then this could be a serious problem.

However, many creative architects are starting to design bathroom focal points that draw a viewer’s eye in a straight line down toward the shower, and these areas could be designed to feature some kind of shower window sill. Other showers, that are normally fully marble, include genuine windows inside in a way that doesn’t compromise a user’s privacy.

Perhaps most interestingly, travertine window sills are sometimes used as bathroom shower curbs. These are selected as a result of the fact that many hotel construction projects specify the use of cream color porcelain or marble tiles. That means that designers need a shower curb in a similar color.

Regardless of what kind of project you’re planning next, consider the following unique styles and materials provided to you by Stonexchange.

Modern Window Sill Designs

Dark and light tones played together make for some of the most dramatic installations, which is precisely why they’ve been valued by interior designers as well as sculptors for so long. That’s one of the things that’s continuing to push more and more people to adopt Absolute Black Granite as a preferred building material in some projects.

Keep in mind that travertine, in its various forms, is still going to meet the needs of those who are redoing hotels and other hospitality projects on a regular basis. Those who find themselves working to meet the needs of residential homeowners, however, might want to start experimenting with some new materials.

At the same time, they may wish to experiment with synthetic materials, such as Pure White Thasoz. A shower window sill that’s supposed to be made from, say, Thassos material can be instead made from this with no measurable difference besides a major savings in cost.

Admittedly, granite and other derivatives aren’t traditionally considered to be marble by most geologists, but you shouldn’t feel too afraid to plan something different with your next renovation depending on the type of specifications that you’re dealing with.

In fact, you might want to add a little extra stone elsewhere in the project. Consider putting in a marble soap shelf as well as a window sill for an additional dash of color. You may opt to get these in Walnut or Ivory travertine as well as Carrara or even Crema Marfil. There are enough colors that you can match them to the inside of the shower itself without too much difficulty, which should encourage designers to include them in their next renovation project.

Meanwhile, you have an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

Planning to Install Shower Window Sills

When it comes time to actually start working, you don’t want to find that you lack the right number of pieces to get everything done. Contact us today and we’ll help you get a bulk collection of window sill pieces and other cuts of stone so you won’t ever have to worry about running out.

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