Emperador Brown Marble Thresholds in Florida

Emperador Brown Marble Thresholds in Florida

While metal and wood transition strips are readily available, marble will make the décor in your projects stand out giving the entire space a more luxurious feel. Several colors are available for you to choose from, including Emperador Brown. Consider these smart solutions for using this beautiful stone in your next building design.

Highlight the Shower

Natural stones are the top choice for shower walls in modern builds, and many people are going with travertine or marble to coat the walls. If your shower surround features any type of white, beige, or deep tan tiles, then Emperador Brown is a magnificent option for the shower threshold.

Available with flat or beveled sides, you can use this stone on the floor and as the jamb for your shower door. You’ll add depth to the space by going with a contrasting color. The normal solution is to use a coordinating or perfectly matching color here, but you’ll love how the contrasting strip adds visual appeal and interest to the space.

Rise and Tread

Shower thresholds are raised by several inches to avoid overflowing into the main room. Rather than painting the rise between threshold and bathroom floor, simply cover this area with another marble strip. They’re available in 2, 4, and 6-inch widths, so you can easily span the desired rise.

In addition to using thresholds on this vertical surface, you can also use them to cover the risers on stairs. The Emperador Brown tile will look fantastic with all types of hardwood flooring, other natural stone tiles, and even ceramic options. This space sees a lot of abuse over time, but the tile can withstand it and will look great for decades to come.

Remember the Backsplash

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom backsplash, there are countless options to choose from. The current trend is to cover the entire wall with tile, but this may not work for every client. There are those who prefer a more traditional 4-inch backsplash.

You can also simplify your installation and add style to the area by using thresholds as a backsplash. The single-beveled edges are perfect for protecting this sensitive area between the counter and the wall, and the longer lengths make installation a breeze. Choose between 36 and 74-inch lengths to quickly span the wall and keep the structure beneath dry. While you may want Nuevo White Carrara tiles to go with your white kitchen counter, consider using Emperador Brown to highlight your elegant granite slab to bring out the colors in the stone.

If you choose to tile the entire wall, then the transition strips are still an acceptable option. While they’re thicker than traditional tiles, they can still be used on these vertical surfaces. Opt for the 36-inch lengths and install them like subway tiles. Mix the lengths to create a staggered look with a random pattern. You can also mix the Emperador Brown with a Crema Sahara Marfil to develop your own custom design and make a simple backsplash stand out.

When it comes to your luxurious whirlpool tub, settle for nothing less than beautiful marble in the surround. Many builders are including windows in or near the larger bathtubs, using transition strips to cover the distance from the bathtub apron to the bottom of the windowsill. Consider using the dark Emperador Brown thresholds to create a colorful border that will make this architectural feature stand out.

Smooth Transitions for Greater Safety

If you’re trying to minimize tripping hazards, then you’ll be pleased with the different finishing options. Thresholds are used to make the transition from one flooring surface to another, so it may be necessary to accommodate different heights.

If the floors are the same height, then choose flat transition strips that will nestle in between them. When it comes to exterior doors, a slight rise on both sides is beneficial. Blunt edges can turn into tripping hazards, but double beveled edges smooth out the harsh corners and ensure that the transition is easy to navigate. Emperador Brown is a natural color choice for hardwood doors throughout the home.

The Floating Shelf

When it comes to showers and backsplashes, floating shelves are always handy. You could head to the store and get a simple piece of glass, but a 4-inch stone threshold is a more attractive choice.

Imagine having an Emperador Brown shelf spanning the end of a shower. Consider how useful a shelf would be between the kitchen counters and cabinets. The stone is easy to clean, it will coordinate with almost any existing surround, counters or backsplash, and it will provide easy and attractive storage.

Choose the single beveled edge to soften the exposed side. You can also stagger different lengths at varying heights for added interest and greater versatility. If you have any partial walls in the bathroom, top them off with marble thresholds to turn them in decorative accents that will add visual appeal to the overall finish.

Nalboor: Your Threshold Supplier

In addition to looking at the standard options, think outside of the proverbial box. Marble thresholds are durable and attractive, and that makes them a top choice for the transition spaces throughout any type of build. However, they can also be used in more creative ways.

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