Double or Single Hollywood Bevel Thresholds: Purchasing the Right Threshold for You

Double or Single Hollywood Bevel Thresholds: Purchasing the Right Threshold for YouWhen it comes to purchasing the right threshold for your building project, it really depends on the type of project you are working on and the overall purpose of the space. Developers and contractors know straight away what kind of threshold they will need. Yet for businesses that sell thresholds, it might get a little tricky, as it is most beneficial to house as much inventory as possible for existing and potential buyers. At the same time, you don’t want to stock a bunch of thresholds that will only collect dust in your warehouse.

It is not as easy as ordering a palate of thresholds and shipping them to your warehouse. When it comes to supplying your clients with high quality material, it is important to understand that there are different kinds of thresholds that builders and contractors use. Although there is a standard threshold for building projects, there are other options that contractors can use depending on the overall purpose of the blueprint.


A threshold is a strip of material installed at the bottom of a doorway. From the least to most desirable, thresholds can be made of wood, vinyl, metal, aluminum, or marble. The main purpose of thresholds is to properly seal one type of flooring with another. When it comes to stocking thresholds in a high-end material like marble, there are two types: standard with 1/4” bevel to provide an eased edge and the Hollywood Bevel.

What is Hollywood Bevel? 

A Hollywood Bevel is a threshold with an incline. It basically looks like a small ramp. This type of bevel is perfect for transporting heavy objects that need to be rolled, pushed, or pulled through a doorway. It is most ideal for the physically challenged. This is why the Hollywood Bevel is also referred to as the Handicapped Bevel, because it can sometimes serve as an alternative to installing a wheelchair ramp.

How is this Different from a Standard Bevel?

The difference between a standard threshold and a Hollywood Bevel is the overall look. The standard bevel basically looks like a block whereas the Hollywood Bevel is going to have that incline, looking like a mini ramp. The Hollywood Bevel would be best used for spaces where a high amount of heavy traffic will be transported through the doorways. Whether it is a person who is physically challenged or the transporting of goods, the Hollywood Bevel is going to be the best option for a building project.

Two Types of Hollywood Bevels 

Just when you thought you might have narrowed down the number of standard and Hollywood thresholds to stock for your inventory, there is yet another thing to consider: What kind of Hollywood Threshold Bevels should I stock?

When selecting the Hollywood Thresholds, one must consider that there are also two types to select: The Single Hollywood and Double Hollywood.

Single Hollywood Bevel

A Single Hollywood Bevel is a hybrid between the standard and Handicapped. One side has the straight edge with the standard measurement of 74” x 2 -6” x 3/8” while the other side will have 1 3/8” of an incline.

Our Single Hollywood Thresholds are made from natural stones so each cut and pattern will be unique. Single Hollywood bevels have a gradual incline so that when you step on it you can make a smooth transition onto the floor. Depending on the stone you choose, they have the potential to add an elegant element to any given space and provide a safe transition into a flooring of a different level.

Best Uses

The Single Hollywood Bevel is best used for transitioning spaces that have different flooring heights. It is also good for exterior doorways and establishments like warehouses, hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities that transport people and/or equipment throughout the structure.

Double Hollywood Bevel

The Double Hollywood Bevel 1 3/8” incline on both sides of the threshold. Like the Single Hollywood Bevel, the double has the same measurements.

Best Uses

Double Hollywood Bevels can also be most useful in place where the single benefits. The main attribute for the double is that these thresholds are recommended for doorways that transition from one room to another. In other words, the threshold will be used as a two-way entry even more than an exterior doorway.

So Which Type Should I Stock for My Inventory?

In a perfect world, it would be nice if all a contractor had to do is order one palate of each, but that is not the case. Each building project is different. Depending on how the blueprint is designed, it may be necessary to have more Double Hollywood Bevels than Single Hollywood Bevels. On the other hand, depending on how the thresholds are installed, the Single Hollywood Bevel might work for all doorways.

Again, it really depends on the builder, designer, and ultimately, the client’s preference.

The best way to determine how many and what kind of thresholds to stock is to provide your existing clients with a survey of how many Single and Double Hollywood Thresholds they use throughout the year, or access your own invoices and determine the number and kind of thresholds you have had to order and restock.

Providing Enough Thresholds to Supply

Stonexchange stocks a wide range of standard Hollywood Thresholds in our Miami warehouse.  For those special building projects, we can custom-design beautiful pieces of marble thresholds that would have to be manufactured in our overseas factory and then imported, but our standard size Hollywood Thresholds are ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and we desire that you have the right kind of marble thresholds that will perfectly fulfill your specific building design. Whether you are choosing to stock a Single or Hollywood Bevel, installing an attractive marble material is guaranteed to be more durable than aluminum. For, marble requires less maintenance than other materials, and it can increase the quality of a building project.

If you still need help determining which kind of Hollywood Bevel to stock, contact Stonexchange’s customer service department today at 305-731-2400 and we will gladly assist you through the ordering process. To view the different style of marble you can order thresholds in, view our online catalog here.

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