Discount Stone Interior Window Sills

Marble Window SillWhen you’re deciding on the finishing touches for your project, the choice to go with natural stone window sills is easy. They’re attractive, functional, durable, and easy to work with. They’re a top choice for any décor style, but that doesn’t mean you want to break your budget buying them. The prices in local retail stores may seem high, but there’s a better way to buy stone window sills.

When you want discount pricing on natural stone materials, the best choice is to work with a discount supplier. Consider these five key benefits to working with an agency like StonExchange when you’re ready to make the investment in marble, travertine, or granite sills and thresholds.

1. Quality is Everything

The science behind the formation of stones never changes, but how the stones are scouted, quarried, and ultimately manufactured can have a huge impact on how resistant the finished tiles are to damage.

StonExchange has been quarrying and manufacturing stones for decades, and we believe in providing our clients with quality stones that are perfectly smooth, carefully matched, and highly impressive. We take great care in the quarrying of stones to prevent weakened fault lines, and we have manufacturers who still view the process to be an art form. The result is stones that offer a superior quality while providing you with more attractive pricing.

When you place an order with our team, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the high-quality stones you expect, and you can rely on those stones to continue gracing your home or commercial space throughout the coming decades. When you work with other suppliers, you have no way of knowing what kind of quality control measures are in place during the production process, and you may decide that’s a risk you’re not willing to take.

2. Fast Shipment Matters

It’s certainly convenient to walk into a local retail store and walk out with your supplies, but they may not have the inventory or prices that you’re looking for in stone sills. While you’ll have to wait for Stonexchange to package and ship your order, you can rest easier knowing that you won’t have to wait long. We believe in providing our clients with excellent service, so we’ve taken the time to establish contracts with some of the top delivery companies in the United States.

When we accept an order, we make packaging and shipping the merchandise a priority, and we work with delivery companies that take pride in their prompt service. This means that you won’t have to wait long for your delivery of beautiful stone window sills to arrive. We also carry a large inventory at our Miami warehouse, so you won’t have to wait for stones to come in from our overseas manufacturing centers. This allows you to get the materials you need quickly while still enjoying the low rates that you’ve been searching for.

3. It’s All About You

Here at Stonexchange, we’re known for our excellent customer service. We won’t rest until you’re taken care of and we know that you’re completely satisfied. We have knowledgeable and friendly customer service professionals who will work closely with you to ensure that you get all the material you need.

We then carefully package the shipment to minimize the risk of damage and make everything easier on you when the freight arrives. We work with contractors, designers, and architects who will place larger orders, and you can save more as your order size increases.

If you’re willing to carry your own inventory on-site, then this allows you to save even more money and keep your costs in line. We also offer flexible shipment options, so you can either have the merchandise shipped to your office or directly to a worksite. The choices are yours, and our professionals will work hard to ensure that all of your needs are met.

4. Selection Now and in the Future

Other retailers may have a larger inventory, but they’re not able to maintain that selection from one year to the next. They’re working with a range of manufacturers and other middlemen, and their stock will change from one season to the next as prices and supply fluctuate. This isn’t a concern with our team.

We specialize in five common color choices that are always in high demand by architects, designers, and contractors alike. This includes travertine, Nuevo White Carrara, Crema Sahara Marfil, black granite, and pure white thazoz. Focusing on a limited core selection allows us to spend less time hunting down a new color and more time taking care of our customers. It also makes it easy for you to get more of a certain color if a client wants to expand a project or you need replacement tiles for any reason.

5. Custom Options

We want to provide our clients with all the window sills they need, but we recognize that the standard sizes we carry in stock won’t always meet your needs. That’s why we also offer custom ordering options. When you need a sill that’s a little wider or deeper, you can have our manufacturing centers customize pieces to your specifications. There is a minimum ordering amount for this valuable service, but you’ll enjoy the same excellent low rates as our in-stock options. Our committed service professionals will work closely with you to ensure that all of your needs are met with the new order. We ask that you allow a few additional weeks for the stones to be cut and delivered, so you’ll want to place the order early.

When it’s time to buy stone window sills for your housing or hospitality project,  at Stonexchange. We’re passionate about marble, travertine and granite, and we’re looking forward to providing you with the great service that you need.

We offer quality merchandise, and we’re able to bring you lower prices because we eliminate the middlemen. We have satisfied clients all around the country, contact us we’re looking forward to supplying you with all the natural stone window sills that you need for a pending project.