Upgrade Your Bathroom With Travertine Thresholds

Bathroom Threshold

Top designers understand that the little details in a home take it from simple to luxurious. While you may not be interested in covering an entire floor with travertine, you can still give a space an elegant look and sophisticated style by adding this natural stone to critical areas.

One overlooked spot is the thresholds in your bathroom. From the main door to the storage closet and even the shower itself, travertine will give your living room a bright look. The material will also upgrade the finish. Here are the top benefits of using travertine tile instead of metal, wood, or other materials.

High Traffic Requires The Greatest Durability

Have you ever taken a good look at a metal threshold after a few years of use? These simple surfaces see an incredible amount of traffic, and they’re subjected to a great deal of abuse. High heels leave little marks on the metal, and the constant wear can destroy the finish on wooden thresholds. Over time, this transition strip will appear dingy, worn, and dated.

However, you can prevent these problems by going with a more durable material from the first moment of installation. Travertine is a durable stone that can handle most high-traffic situations, including commercial applications.

Whether you need an attractive threshold along the main shower or just in the central doorway, you can rely on travertine. Such durable material will look impressive for years to come.

Attractive Finishing Touch

One downfall of metal and wood transition strips is that they aren’t beautiful. They’re often treated as necessary evils in many applications, but this doesn’t mean you have to do so.

A better solution is to choose attractive materials worthy of being installed in any space. You can then go with wider, slightly bolder thresholds and allow them to become a decorative border in their own right.

You’ll give any bathroom an excellent finishing touch without going overboard, and your family and guests will love the look.

Speaking Of Borders

When you go with travertine transitions, you can work them into the overall interior design. Simply make them part of a border pattern. This plan is particularly effective when installing the threshold along the edge of your shower or bathtub area.

The neutral colors of travertine are impressive against most shades of marble and even granite, so you can quickly work this elegant natural stone into almost any décor.

The travertine will serve a functional purpose while enhancing your space’s overall look.

Moisture Is Not A Problem

Wood eventually disintegrates with regular exposure to water, and metal will rust. There are ways to protect these surfaces, but the damage can still happen with normal use.

In the case of zero-threshold showers and the raised lips for traditional shower thresholds, wood and metal are poor choices because of the constant water exposure.

While you may build up a raised ledge with wood, it must be covered with tiles and grout to keep the wood dry and structurally stable. However, you can simplify the installation process by going with luxurious travertine. 

It’s not harmed by water, so that it can be used as the transition strip along a zero-threshold shower entry. You can use this in custom sizes to minimize the seams and grout lines in any raised threshold.

If you just want a slight lip to keep water in a large shower area, a simple travertine threshold is a perfect choice. You can have the edges finished off with 90-degree or beveled angles.

Easy Care

Busy homeowners are surprisingly aware of the maintenance requirements of different materials. Construction options that look great but require constant care are falling out of favor as people turn to materials that look great with very little additional work.

It’s highly recommended that travertine be sealed annually to help prevent staining. However, this is an easy process that only takes a few minutes. We have very reasonable rates on the specially formulated sealers.

Once the stone is sealed, it can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. This makes it easy to keep your travertine looking great for years to come. Don’t waste any of your valuable time trying to scrub and maintain a wood threshold. 

The Best Protection

Another problem with other materials is that they can start to break down without you realizing how severe the damage is. Water can slip in unnoticed and erode the wood subfloor and other structures.

 Travertine is a more waterproof material, so this won’t be an issue. All you have to do is check the caulk along the stone once every couple of years. This step prevents water from seeping through this seam. However, you can be confident that the stone will keep the water away from your home’s structure throughout its life.

We carry thresholds in the most common sizes, and we’re also happy to fill special orders if you want a wider or thicker threshold. Allow a few weeks for special orders to be filled. Expect to receive the same excellent quality stones that we carry in our Miami distribution center.

How To Upgrade Bathroom Thresholds

 Bathroom thresholds are often the most overlooked part of your bathroom. They’re the first thing you see when you enter, but they’re also the last thing you think about when standing in front of them. When you choose a good threshold, your bathroom will look gorgeous and feel brand new again.

But where do you start? We’ve got the answers for you:

  • Prepare your materials and tools and take the old threshold off
  • Clean up any messes you make during the removal of old thresholds
  • Install new thresholds. If they come with installation instructions, follow those. Be sure to put enough pressure on each side so that they stay where they should be once installed

Research Other Flooring Materials At StoneXChange

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When you’re ready to make this type of upgrade to your home, contact StoneXchange for answers to your questions and pricing information. We’re one of the most trusted names for builders and designers around the nation. Trust our excellent customer service and commitment to excellence.

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  1. Sergio Freddson says:

    I think you’re right: having high durability is important. If you want the flooring to last a long time, you want everything to be taken care of. It’s not always easy to get it set up, but it’s worth it in the long run. Thanks for sharing your tips with us! http://www.marble4us.com/travertine-flooring.html

  2. Thanks for the tip about using travertine for the thresholds in my bathroom. I’m not sure I want to cover my entire floor with it, but placing it at the door and shower would be a great way to update my bathroom! Do you have any other advice for me?

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