Marble Shower Curbs in White, Beige, and Black Finishes

Marble Shower Curbs in White, Beige, and Black FinishesMarble shower curbs are the top choice because their nonporous nature makes them more resistant to water intrusion. Stains won’t be a problem, and minimizing the grout lines helps keep the bathroom clean and attractive. Potential customers will take note of your attention to detail, and they’re sure to appreciate it. Available in brilliant white, you can customize different bathrooms further by choosing marble shower curbs in shades of deep black, beige and cream. Here are a few ideas for working these different colors into your overall design theme to make any size bathroom more impressive and luxurious.

Match the Border

Borders are hot right now, and they’re likely to remain in favor among buyers who want a unique look and a more impressive feel. Adding a border around the perimeter of the room makes it feel larger while adding a special touch to the look. However, the border may not be enough in and of itself. Consider matching the shower curb to the border to draw more attention to the color variance and the special design scheme. This is particularly effective with darker colors like black that are set against white or even cream tiles. However, you can also use softer coordinating colors in beige for an understated but very attractive look.

Carry Through the Pattern

Savvy home and business owners appreciate having a pattern in their bathroom floor. It lends a more luxurious and elegant feel to the room. However, they also want patterns that are neutral enough to work with almost any personal décor. Common choices include smaller diamonds or circles set within a contrasting field. Draw more attention to both the pattern and the raised level of the curb by choosing a sleek black curb that will make the pattern stand out. If your pattern uses coordinating colors that are similar in tone, then the matching shower curb helps carry the look from the main floor into the base of the shower stall. It effectively enlarges the room visually to make it more welcoming and attractive.

Help for Small Areas

Small bathrooms can pose a design problem, but there are ways to make a room seem more impressive than it really is. Matching the colors in the main bathroom, shower stall and marble curb lets the eye flow across the space. On a subconscious level, the area inside the shower is added to the functional open space in the room, and that makes even a tiny bathroom seem larger. The colors can range from white to black and the optical illusion is the same. If you’re worried about the curb disappearing and posing a safety hazard, then use a contrasting color on the rise beneath the shower curb to achieve the same visual effect while ensuring that the room looks as large as possible.

Frame Out the Shower

Available in a range of sizes and colors, marble curbs aren’t just for the raised lip along a shower’s open edge. When a shower features state-of-the-art showerheads, lights and other special amenities, you want people to see and appreciate those little extras. Framing out walls of the shower with glass panels opens up the room and allows everyone to take in the look of a luxurious shower. Use black shower curbs along the base of the glass panels to highlight the amazing size of the shower and make it even more amazing. Choose a matching black bench seat along one wall, and finish off any raised shelves or counters in the shower with the same beautiful color. In the main bathroom, use matching shades for the woodwork and cabinets to give the bathroom a contemporary feel that most of your clients will enjoy.

Tying Everything Together

It’s important to tie the shower in with the rest of the room. One of the great advantages of using marble shower curbs is that they aren’t just for finishing off the open edges of showers. They can also be used throughout the home as window frames, shelves and other accents. Rather than installing a simple mirror that extends up from the backsplash on your counter, consider topping the sink off with a narrow shelf. Use matching quarter shelves in the corners for perfume and decorative accents. Put a shelf under the window for little toiletries, or use marble shower curbs as the shelf over some traditional wainscoting. Mixing in the colored accents throughout the bathroom will help tie everything together and give the powder room an attractive finished look.

Raise the Color, Tone Down the Peak

Contrasting colors are commonly used on the top of the shower curb, but another option calls for using the darker color on the riser and capping the shower curb with a softer tone. Use this design plan when you’re blending the shower curb with a patterned floor in either the main room or the shower stall. This is one of the best options for handicapped accessible rooms where you want to have excellent visibility of the shower curb to avoid accidents. At the same time, it adds a splash of color to the room and gives the shower a unique finish that stands out from other areas.

The Ideal Solution for Difficult Shapes

Some of the top shower designs currently involve a departure from right angles. Showers may angle out into the room in a more circular finish, or they may be built into the corners. Whether the corners are topped with transparent glass panels or form the opening into the shower stall, finishing off the angles cleanly with small tiles is difficult. The long, narrow marble strips used as shower curbs are an ideal solution. The cuts are minimized, and the clean lines meet in one perfect angle that highlights the pattern of the shower.

Contrasting Colors for Flush Floors

If you’re working on a project with handicapped-accessible facilities, then you may have decided to go with zero-entry showers. While these showers are ideal for wheelchairs and walkers, you still need a clear visual divide between the showering area and the main bathroom. This simplifies putting curtains or shower doors in place while maintaining a visually appealing finish. Shower curbs are an excellent choice for raised thresholds, but they’re also an appropriate choice for marking the transition from one flooring surface to another. Use them as a border that clearly marks the shower shape and area while also adding a decorative touch to the room.

Impressive Color Options

Marble shower curbs from StonExchange are available in a range of colors. Choose brilliant white for modern and traditional bathrooms alike when you want a clean look. Black is a fine option for making the curb stand out while adding a special touch to the tile pattern. There are also several shades of beige that are excellent for use with natural stones like Adalia Cappuccino, Saturnia ivory travertine and crema river.

When you’re working on the design plans for your next construction project, remember that there are other options for shower curbs besides tiny little ceramic tiles. Marble is an excellent option for logistical reasons, including ease of installation, greater durability, lower maintenance requirements and greater stain resistance. However, it’s also the preferred material for aesthetics. It’s sure to make an impression on potential clients, so contact StonExchange today to learn more about your options.

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