Are Marble Floor Saddles and Thresholds the Same Thing?

marble floor threshold

Door ThresholdYes, they are. It’s just a name preference. Whether you call your distributor asking for a marble floor saddle or threshold won’t render you a different product. They are one and the same. One might ask: Why are there two different names for one product?

Good question. How do things normally earn multiple names? Here again, it’s all about preference in how one perceives a certain item. No one really knows how this builder’s commodity earned two names. One can only speculate. While what’s in a name can have a lot to do with an item, here it’s not the case.

What Are Marble Saddles Used For?

A marble threshold or saddle is used for sealing two different types of flooring together. It doesn’t necessarily have to be different flooring material. It’s just that when you’re laying certain types of flooring in a room, it usually ends at the doorway. In that doorway is a seam that can peel up, rip, tear, or fray. This can be a potential danger for anyone walking through by causing that person to trip, fall, or even cut themselves. That is why the marble door saddle has an importance interior home, however, some people don’t consider it at all.

The Importance Of Marble Saddle Properly

Thresholds are the perfect building material to seal floors, combining them together, and making them look like one cohesive floor unit. The art of it all is making it look natural. Just like a horse saddle is designed to fit perfectly between the horse and the rider, a threshold must also do the same. Except with the floor saddle, there are three sides to a marble threshold that must fit perfectly. The most important side is the bottom, which lays on the foundation. When you’re installing marble thresholds, you want it to have a seamless transition. That usually means embedding the marble threshold as close to the subflooring as possible.

What Builders Prefer For Marble Door Saddle

Marble thresholds have become the preferred builder’s choice because of its beauty, durability, and uniqueness. The type of marble that saddle builders usually refer to is the Standard Double Marble Door SaddleBevel. It measures anywhere from 2”, 4”, 4 ½”, 5”, 6” x 3/8”, ½”, 5/8” ¾” with a ¼” bevel to prevent any accidental injuries. This is basically a beautifully crafted brick of marble that wedges perfectly at the bottom of doorways. If it is installed correctly, it will have a seamless connection between flooring without any bumps that could make a floor look unleveled. In short, the marble threshold ‘saddles’ in between floorings.

Since most types of flooring are sold in large diameters, installing it between doorways makes the process challenging. That’s why most builders prefer thresholds because it makes for an easier installation.

Uniquely Beautiful Nature Of Marble Thresholds

Marble is organically made deep within the Earth. In a metamorphic process, limestone melts and is combined with other minerals and fossils together through an immense amount of heat and pressure. These fossils and minerals may consist of a variety of colors. This, in turn, will create a spectrum of color variations that are also referred to as color veining. As these elements cool, they form a stronger bond, creating a new kind of mineral with swirls of different fossils and minerals coming together in a sealed, lustrous gloss. One use for a threshold is creating a beautiful luxury marble shower.

Learning About Marble Types

Depending on where you mine marble, you can get a different color veining. Even when you slice a slab of marble from the same quarry, you may also get another pattern. In most cases, no two pieces will be the exact same, which gives marble it’s dimensional and unique beauty.

Marble Saddles Durability

If you are looking for a threshold that will not ever need replacing, then marble saddles are exactly the material you’ll want to use. Other materials like metal and wood can cause many problems. With marble, you won’t have to worry about it wearing old, getting scraped and catching dirt in the groves like the metal thresholds often do. Marble saddles also protect against water damage. You also won’t have to worry about bugs or termites eating their way through your thresholds, as it would be with the wooden thresholds. Plus, neither of them look as good as marble.

Marble Saddle

How Builders Benefit from Marble Saddles

As a building contractor, you’re probably looking for building supplies that can be purchased in bulk. It may appear that you could be putting all of your eggs into one basket by risking your money in a bulk load of marble thresholds. It could also be argued that buyers have a preferred taste. There’s also the fear of contemplating what if you choose a type of marble that doesn’t appeal to your buyers?

The answer is simple. Find a marble saddle distributor that offers a select inventory of the most sought after thresholds. This way, you’re less likely going to have an inventory of unwanted marble thresholds collecting dust in your warehouse.

Wholesale Saddle

Buying in bulk saves time, money and energy and has a lower impact on the environment than purchasing individual products sporadically. Think long term and purchase in bulk. Our wide variety of thresholds come in different natural stone colors including:

Wholesale Saddle


Travertine or Travertino in Italian is a form of limestone found in hot springs. It is beige in color with patterns that resemble wood but textures that look more like marble. Travertino looks great as a door saddle if you want to have marble flooring on one room and a carpeted flooring in the other room as it is a neutral color tone, it will blend well beneath the door seal. 

White Carrara

Carrara White is a luxurious marble with white background and veiny gray patterns. It is mostly used in kitchens as countertops and in bathrooms but looks absolutely phenomenal as a door saddle, especially if you have marble floor tiles to go with it.  

Crema Marfil

This natural stone does great as a threshold or door saddle because it is monochromatic. Crema Marfil is unlike White Carrara or Emperador Brown since it is composed of one full color and minimal pattern. Crema Marfil is extremely compatible with Travertine, Euro Beige, and Emperador Brown and matches with a whole variety of colors making it our most flexible option for door saddles. 

Absolute Black Granite

This granite stone is very popular and commonly used due to its nonporous quality and dark color. If you do not want to worry about food stains or dyes, this is a good option to have in the home, especially if you have children or pets. The benefit of Absolute Black Granite as a door saddle as opposed to White Carrara, for example, is that you will not have to invest in cleaning products, making it a low maintenance and economical option for a threshold. Wholesale Saddle Varieties

Euro Beige

This stone has a timeless quality to it and goes well with a wide variety of colors and patterns. From afar it seems like a normal stone, beige in color and uniform. When you look closely you will notice the intricate detail in the stone making each cut one of a kind. 

Pure White Thazoz

This white stone is similar to the Carrara White except it is consistent in color and does not have any veiny pattern or detail. The beauty of this stone is that it can make spaces seem wider and invite more light in, especially if your floors are also white or of a derivative palette.  

Bardiglio Gray

This gray stone looks has the same pattern of a galactic dust storm due to its complex patterns and details. This color does really well as a threshold because it is very resistant to pigmentations and will not discolor over the years. Its durable quality makes it a popular option for door saddles. 

Emperador Brown

This tan stone does really well as a threshold because it is compatible with a multitude of patterns and flooring material. It is especially well-matched when combined with wooden floors and to divide different rooms with opposing flooring patterns, colors, or material. 

Getting The Right Distributor

Stonexchange, a manufacturing wholesale marble saddle distributor located in South Florida stocks only the best selling marble thresholds in the industry. We also have travertine thresholds which are preferred for outdoor features because of its textured surface. No matter which kind of marble saddle you purchase from Stonexchange, you’re sure to stock a brand that most buyers prefer.

Our company also keeps an abundant supply of marble window sills and soap shelves. They are all offered in Nuevo White Carrara, Crema Sahara Marfil, Black Granite, Pure White Thazoz, Bardiglio Gray, and Emperador Brown. Contact us today and view our online inventory of these building materials.

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