Wholesale Marble Saddle Distributor for New York

Wholesale Marble Saddle Distributor for New York

Wholesale Marble Saddle Distributor for New YorkSometimes, when shopping around for good supplies, especially building materials, proximity isn’t always your friend. When looking for supplies, oftentimes, builders and contractors will try to find the most convenient way to stock their inventory. The logic here is that if they are closer, then they must be cheaper, but this not always the case.

New York Stone Tile Distributors

For builders and contractors in New York, it can be reasoned that, one might definitely want a wholesale distributor within the area thinking that the materials can be delivered right away. There’s also the advantage of decreasing the chances of damaging during transport. What most buyers don’t know is that some of these stone distributors in New York get their inventory from out-of state wholesalers.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Selecting the Right Distributor

Getting your stone saddle supplies from a local distributor doesn’t always mean that you are getting the cheapest price. There are many organizations that encourage shoppers to support their local business to in turn, boost their local economy. As a business owner, one can certainly appreciate the need to keep their local commerce thriving, but in order to do that, one must have a successful business to operate.

Smart business owners understand the importance of buying low and selling high. When looking for quality stone saddles, one might think that it’s more convenient to purchase them as an add-on to an existing stone tile order. One might also be under the impression that because they’re stone saddles, that it’s not as important and in demand like the tiling for floors and countertops, and therefore can be treated as an additional commodity. This is a big mistake. Stone saddles are equally as crucial to a building design and should be treated as such.

About Stone Saddles

Stone saddles, also known as shower seats is an oversize stone soap shelf that is typically installed in a shower stall. They can be designed in a variety of ways. The most cost effective way would be to incorporate one as you would a standard shower caddy. Stone shower caddies measure at a 9” radius while shower seat generally measure at an 18” radius with a beveled round edge.

Buying Wholesale Stone Saddles

So as a builder, if you are able to acquire your stone saddles elsewhere at a more affordable price, why wouldn’t you?

The argument of going outside your familiar ring of contacts for good inventory is that the unit cost, including shipping and handling might be a little more. However, one must take into consideration that the local distributors are most likely getting their stone saddles outside the New York area. Even though they may be getting them at a discounted rate, they must also raise their unit costs in order to make a profit. So it could stand to reason that you could be getting your stone saddles cheaper if you also chose to get your inventory from an out of state distributor.

Advantages of Wholesale Buying

It is true, when buying anything at wholesale; the unit cost can be a little cheaper. How cheap it is depends upon the distributor. This is just a matter of negotiating. During this negotiating process, buyers need to also understand how large of a company the distributor is. For example, local home improvement stores are considered a stone distributor. Keeping that in mind, consider how these companies had to obtain their stone saddle inventory? They too had to buy from a larger distributor who in turn probably gave them a generous discounted bulk rate. As a builder or contractor, why not skip the third-party distributors and go right to the source?

Buying Smart!

Another argument against buying stone saddles from another distributor is that there may be some inconsistencies with matching the right colors.  The beauty about stone saddles is that they are a feature that can be incorporated as an accent. If you can get these saddles at a ridiculously low unit price, you simply make it work! One way to do this is to find a stone saddle distributor that only stock what is in high demand.

Most builders may not have realized that there was a distributor that specializes in stone saddles. Stonexchange located in Miami, Florida specializes in selling stone saddles, windowsills, and thresholds. As a result, they are able to offer their customers the best price in the market.

To view a list of Stonexchange’s stone tile inventory, click here. If you are looking for a stone saddle that is not listed on the website, call their knowledgeable service team at 305-731-2400. If you have a question to ask about any other stone products, contact us online. Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00pm (EST) and the warehouse hours are 9:00 – 4:30 (EST) Monday – Friday. Call us today!

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