Travertine Corner Soap Shelf: One of the Most Undervalued Bathroom Accessory

Travertine Corner Soap Shelf: One of the Most Undervalued Bathroom Accessory

Travertine Corner Soap Shelf: One of the Most Undervalued Bathroom AccessorySoap caddies are one of the most overlooked, yet most used items in a bathroom. You can find a porcelain or metal soap caddy in almost every full bathroom, even in the older builds. As convenient of a feature this is, most people prefer to purchase one of their own as it usually serves a multi-functional purpose. Since bathrooms are typically one of the smaller spaces in a home, users tend to go for a feature that enables them to utilize their bathroom facilities better.

 The Old Way Just Doesn’t Work Anymore!

The problem with those old porcelain and metal soap holders is that they quickly lose itssanitizing appeal. Bathrooms are the most humid place in a dwelling. So soap isn’t going to immediately dry after it’s been wet. Because there’s not enough air to dry out the bottom part of the soap, what usually happens is that bottom part takes a more malleable form, sticking to the soap shelf. Over a period of time, this soap builds up on the shelf making it laborious to clean and even damaging the porcelain. For bathrooms with the metal soap shelves, this process will eventually cause it to corrode.

Contractors and designers got smart and realized that if builders were upgrading their bathrooms with high-end material; why not incorporate something as simple as a corner soap shelf in the same material?

The Benefits of Installing a Travertine Soap Caddy

More people are gravitating toward installing travertine in their bathrooms because it not only enhances the overall ambiance of a space, but it takes the establishment to a higher level of sophistication, not mention it’s less expensive than marble. So to install a metal soap shelf that will eventually corrode just doesn’t pair well. As for porcelain, the only reason why that material was used is to match the sink, toilet, and tub. If you are looking for a modern-day bathroom design, metal and porcelain soap shelves are a thing of the past.

The Drawbacks of Using a Regular Soap Caddy

Yes it’s true, there are neat little sophisticated inventions of soap shelves that can be bought for under $50 and it will function just as good as any other soap caddy. Here’s the drawback on that: These add-ons can be an inconvenient obstruction, especially if there is minimal space to begin with. Soap caddies can be easily dislodged creating an unseemly mess within the bathroom that could turn out to be hazardous.

Another drawback to these kinds of soap caddies is that they not only hold soap, they tend to collect it as well—just like the built-in porcelain and metal soap shelves. So you see, aside from gaining more storage space, nothing is really gained by adding an additional cool-looking caddy to the bathroom. That is why it is best to just invest in having a travertine soap corner shelf built in.

Other Uses for a Travertine Soap Caddy

They are called corner soap shelves, but that doesn’t mean that’s all they can be used for!

Travertine is a beautiful stone. It comes in a variety of color shades ranging in ivory, beige, rose, as well as gold and yellow tones. With so many colors, there is an opportunity for builders and designers to get creative and install more than one corner soap shelf and perhaps, even in a contrasting color!

Installing more than one soap shelf will eliminate those corroding caddies that hold body wash and shampoos. Travertine corners soap shelves can serve as a decorative shelf that showcases all of one’s fancy creams and lotions.

Investing in travertine soap shelves is not only a practical idea; it is also a smart investment. If you are a builder, contractor, or designer and you already service clients who prefer high-end materials, contact a wholesale distributor that specializes in selling travertine corner soap shelves in bulk. This will make a profitable add-on and it’s inexpensive enough to sell itself, as it’s a necessary feature.


No matter now much soap your travertine is exposed to, it will not corrode. Your shower and bathtub will always look like it could be displayed in a showroom. This is a great selling feature for real estate agents to use when they are selling a home that has these neat travertine corner soap shelves. For it is the attention to detail that puts one design over the rest!

Why Buy Travertine Soap Caddies Wholesale

Stonexchange stocks a sufficient amount of patterns that will complement any décor and can also work as a nice bathroom accent. When looking to buy quality building materials at a bulk price, our company is guaranteed to fulfill your needs for the right soap shelf material at an expense you can afford. For it’s all about finding the right wholesale company whose top priority is providing excellent customer service.

You could go to your existing tile distributor for travertine soap shelves. Chances are, you might have to pay a pretty premium for them. Stonexchange specializes in supplying stone corner soap shelves as well as windowsills and thresholds. As a result, we can afford to shave off some of the cost of the unit price.

If you want a company you can trust and count on, to listen to their needs, provide knowledgeable suggestions, and deliver a stellar product in a timely manner, consider Stonexchange. Give us a call to find out exactly what kind of travertine corner soap shelf will suit your next project as well as what type to keep on hand. Visit our online catalog to discover all we have to offer your business building projects.

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