Marble Window Sills for Sale: Superior Freight, Lowest Price, Highest Quality

Marble Window Sills for Sale: Superior Freight, Lowest Price, Highest QualityMarble window sills are a smart choice for any contractor or home designer. They’re an attractive addition that your clients will appreciate. They’re easy to care for, more durable than wood and more resistant to moisture. Making the decision to use marble sills in your next project is easy, but finding the right supplier for your needs can seem overwhelming. There are several suppliers around the nation to choose from, but you deserve to work with a team that will provide you with excellent service, superior shipping options, low prices and high-quality merchandise. When you’re ready to place an order for attractive marble windowsills and thresholds, StonExchange is the right supplier for your needs.

The Most Attractive Colors

We offer colors that are in high demand by designers and contractors alike. The neutral shades are appropriate for almost any décor, and this makes them ideal for all types of projects. We carry travertine, brilliant neuvo white carrara, soft crema sahara marfil, sleek black granite and pure white thazoz. You can install these windowsills in modern or traditional architectural designs, and they’re appropriate for any decor. The timeless color ensures that they’ll last through changing times, and that will appeal to your customers. They’re available in a range of sizes designed to suit most projects in both the residential and commercial fields.

Quick Responses

We maintain a consistent stock of thresholds in order to meet all of your needs. Most orders are filled immediately in order to provide you with faster service. Other manufacturers take two to three months to fill orders and send out shipments, but we take pride in our quick responses and fast deliveries. Rather than waiting for months, you can have your stock in place in a matter of weeks. If you’re short on space, you can even place orders on an as-needed basis and eliminate your own in-house inventory.

High Volume for Better Prices

Working with a high volume of products allows us to offer you better prices. We own our quarries and manufacturing centers, so we’re able to keep our inventory levels high while also offering custom services. This allows us to maintain low prices that you’ll appreciate. This same high volume allows us to negotiate the best prices with our shipping carriers. In addition to paying lower prices for our products, you’ll also find that our shipping prices are more attractive, and that helps you save on every project.

We offer wholesale pricing to all of our customers. All of our stones are quarried and manufactured in house. Our team packages everything for careful shipment. We have processes in place throughout the system to keep costs down, and those savings are passed on to you. This is how we’re able to offer our customers pricing that’s as low as possible – whether you pass the savings on to your customers or use it to increase your profit margins is your choice.

Shipping Details

We work with national names that you can trust. Our company offers crates for smaller orders of 50 to 100 pieces, but we can also send out containers that are ideal for retailers and larger contractors. Individual pieces aren’t available, but we’re happy to help you maintain the appropriate inventory levels for your business.

When you place an order with our customer service representatives, you can choose your shipment destination. We’re happy to send orders to your warehouse or place of business, and we can also send products directly to jobsites. Having the merchandise delivered where you need it will help you save money and time on your projects.

We believe in providing customers with the best service possible. We strive to help you save money by lowering your expenses where we can. This includes working to minimize breakage in all shipments. We take great care when packaging our products to ensure that you receive intact sills that are free of chips, cracks and other imperfections. This is only one of the reasons people around the country trust us for all of their marble window sills and thresholds.

Custom Pieces

Our standard sizes are appropriate for most projects, but there are times when you may need custom cuts and shapes. When you’re working with longer window sills or thresholds, going with custom pieces will help you eliminate seams and create a more attractive finish. Our custom orders take three to four weeks to fill, and you’ll receive the same high-quality products and exact cuts that we carry in our warehouse.

All of our custom orders are filled through our privately owned quarries. Our professionals are highly skilled in manufacturing stones to exact specifications. The same artisans who work on our regular inventory will handle your custom order. Cuts are made to perfection, edges are polished smooth and your order will be filled and shipped in a timely manner.

Highest Quality

Not all stones that are quarried are equal, and how they’re manufactured can make a big difference in the final quality. Because we own the quarries, we’re able to carefully inspect every slab before it’s manufactured and polished. Our skilled artisans know how to cut stones properly to maintain their integrity and make them stronger. From the moment the stones are quarried until they’re packaged for shipment, our goal is to provide you with high-quality stones that you can rely on. You can install them with confidence knowing that they’ll last for years to come and be a source of pleasure for your customers.

Best Customer Service

Marble window sills are an investment in your business. Your customers are counting on your for premium products, and offering these high-end materials will help you take your contracting or design business to the next level. You may be making a significant investment when you place an order, so you expect to receive excellent service along with premium products. We take the time to train our staff, and we choose people who care about customer service and satisfaction. In addition to providing you with high-quality materials, we also want to make sure that you have a great experience every time you visit StonExchange.

If you’re trying to make a great impression on clients, then start by investing in premium materials. When you decide to start using quality products like marble windowsills and thresholds, you need to work with the right supplier. Your business is important to our team, and we want to provide you with the best products at the lowest prices possible. Contact StonExchange  today to speak with our customer service representatives and place your order.

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