Finding the Perfect Marble Window Sills for Luxury Bathrooms

Where Can You Buy Window Sills for the Best Price?

Finding the Perfect Marble Window Sills for Luxury BathroomsOne of the most sought-after spaces in any home is a bathroom that can provide luxury, comfort, and a spa-like experience. When you start planning a luxury bathroom, whether it is a new one or a remodeling project, there will be many details and final touches that need to be considered. One of the most important details to include, and which is often overlooked is the window sill. With quality bathroom window sills, you will be providing a great finishing touch to any bathroom in your home.

Benefits of Marble Sills

Seasoned real estate agents will tell you that prospective buyers with deep pockets will make it a point to examine bathrooms when they tour a property, and they will pay attention to certain details such as the bathroom window sills. For this reason, it really pays to choose marble and other kinds of natural stone when shopping for sills.

Marble will not only add a touch of elegance to your bathroom windows but also provide you with a durable sill. This natural stone can last for ages, and you will not have to worry about staining or discoloration because of the impregnating seal treatment applied to each piece. To refresh this seal, you only have to reseal once or twice a year with a spray-and-wipe solution. As for cleaning, you should not have any problems finding a pH-neutral product on the shelves of your local supermarket or home improvement store.

Size of Bathroom Window Sills

The first factor that you will have to take into consideration when choosing window sills is the size of the frame. Ideally, the sill should run the width of the window and be able to sit snugly inside the frame. Window sills can typically run up to 74 inches in width, which will accommodate almost any bathroom window size. Naturally, there are quite a few standard window sizes, but sill pieces can be cut to fit windows of any dimensions.

When looking at window sill sizes, you will be able to choose the depth of the window sill. This measurement can range anywhere from 4 to 12 inches and should be chosen based on your style preferences. Any of these options will provide you with enough structure and support. Some people like to choose sills that have less depth, as they will take up less space. However, others often choose to get window sills with more depth as they provide additional space and can act as shelves.

For the most part, sills with smaller profiles tend to be more stylish, but this will depend on the window design. If you are planning on placing decorations on the sills, you will want to go with larger pieces.

Color and Design of Bathroom Window Sills

Marble window sills come in a variety of styles and color options. Some of the most common window sill colors that Stonexchange provides include White Carrara, Absolute Black Granite, and Crema Marfil. Pure White is one of our most popular styles; it is shinier and more radiant than Carrara. The option that you choose can be based on your preference so that it matches up perfectly with vanity countertops, shower walls, and bathtub surrounds. Sills can give that perfect final touch to your bathroom and add a great sense of style and class.

Most homeowners prefer to match the color and surface appearance of their bathroom window sills to their floors and countertops, but this practice is not written in stone, so to speak. If you are going for a playful look in your bathroom, the window sill does not necessarily have to match the vanity, shower, bathtub, or flooring; it can provide a contrast that transforms the window into an accent element. Some interior designers will select up to three contrasting primary colors in a single bathroom, but the key to doing so is to ensure that the colors harmonize with the walls.

When you are ready to start shopping for window sills for a new or remodeled bathroom project, start your search with Stonexchange. We specialize in providing the perfect marble and travertine window sills, thresholds, and soap shelves. Our customers typically include real estate developers, architects, contractors, and other wholesale buyers; however, we routinely help retail customers by guiding them to authorized distributors in their area. You can visit our Miami showroom or contact us anytime to learn more about our fine products.

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