Can Marble Door Thresholds Prevent Water Damage?

Can Marble Door Thresholds Prevent Water Damage?

Can Marble Door Thresholds Prevent Water Damage?

If you have living spaces susceptible to water damage, the best type of building material to install is natural stone. Marble and other kinds of natural stone not only last longer but are also durable enough to withstand the test of time. This means that stone materials are less likely to require future replacement.

When it comes to thresholds, the expense of replacing them might be minimal, but when you are operating a contracting business, being able to install the best materials to make a potential buyer feel more secure about the product he or she is purchasing can make all the difference with regard to profit or loss; this is why most builders and contractors lean towards getting the best construction materials, including high-quality thresholds made of marble.

What You Need to Know About Marble Thresholds

Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms deep within the Earth by means of tectonic compression, heat, and various other geological processes that unfold over millions of years. Marble comes from limestone; however, the quarries where this stone is extracted from went through separate geological processes subsequent to the limestone formation phase.

One of the attributes that make marble such an attractive stone is the organic coloring given by its mix of minerals. The diverse coloring of marble is caused by the various minerals that surround limestone layers once when they are exposed to the intense heat. While marble is primarily made up of limestone, other minerals found within its molecular structure include calcite, mica, quartz, pyrite, graphite, and iron oxide. What really gives marble a dimensional look is the combination of minerals and natural elements that get melted into the mix, and this includes organic matter.

The metamorphosis of marble occurs during the cooling or re-crystallization process. As the viscous mixture of mineral cools, it slowly “freezes” into place. This organic process makes up a variety of color variations and veining patterns making marble one of the most sought-after interior decoration materials in the market.

Marble has been used for exterior and interior construction purposes since ancient times. While the magnificent pyramids of Egypt were once covered with massive limestone slabs that were honed until they shined, marble and other fine stones were used for interior spaces such as burial chambers. Roman builders used marble extensively because they noticed that their Greek ancestors used this stone to build their temples and other sacred structures

Is Marble Waterproof?

As long as we are talking about using marble thresholds, we can say that they are waterproof, but petrologists will argue that marble is not really waterproof because of its porosity, and they are absolutely right. All stones are porous to a certain extent, but some will resist water better than others because their surface porosity is almost negligible. When a marble countertop is freshly installed, contractors will often pour water over the surface to show clients that the liquid will bead up as it forms a small puddle, and the water will eventually evaporate, but it should be noted that the surface has been finished and sealed.

Those who say that marble is not waterproof are right; it should be more accurately described as being water resistant because it is porous, but it is made waterproof by means of finishing and applying an impregnating sealant. You can leave a block of marble under a waterfall for hundreds of years and it will retain its structure, but it may change in terms of appearance because of staining and discoloration, but this can be prevented. Marble is sealed once during the finishing process, and you can refresh the seal of your thresholds once a year to ensure that they do not stain. The sealant can be applied with spray and wipe method.

By the way, don’t get too caught up on the word marble that you forget about other types of stone. You can actually find other options available on the market, which have slightly different properties compared to traditional genuine marble. For instance, if you were looking for something that offered a great deal of heft along with a very striking color tone then you might want to consider Absolute Black Granite instead as a building material.

Likewise, if you were considering an engineered stone that features no real level of water absorption at all you might want to consider Pure White Thazoz thresholds instead. This material has a stark white color that certainly looks irregular in most settings, so it’s an excellent way to provide a structure with something that really stands out. You’d never find anything that looks quite like these two types of stone, so you might want to consider them the next time you do a major contracting job.

Type of Marble Thresholds Available

Let’s talk about what kind of thresholds are available. There are three kinds of marble thresholds that builders can choose from:

  1. Standard

The standard threshold is a bit more diverse as it can be installed two different ways: flushed or at the floor level. Both of these options have their uses, but if you are looking for a waterproof threshold, installing the standard threshold at the floor level is the best option because there will be a lip that will serve as a barrier that keeps water from seeping into another room. The flushed installation would be embedded into the base of the floor allowing for a smoother transition between spaces. This is most preferred for rooms that do not have an actual door to separate rooms.

  1. Single Hollywood Bevel

The Single Hollywood Bevel is best suited for floor level installation as it serves as a ramp for spaces that require transporting carts or wheelchairs. It looks like the standard threshold on one side but has a slight incline on the other. It is also useful for uneven floor levels.

  1. Double Hollywood Bevel

The Double Hollywood Bevel incline on both sides and is ideal for doorways that endure a high amount of traffic while keeping any leakage at bay.

Now that we have a better understanding of what kind of marble thresholds you can choose from, let’s look at a few ideas of where this material can be most beneficial.

Which Rooms Benefit From Marble Thresholds the Most

Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Laundry Rooms

Anywhere there’s plumbing, there’s always a chance for potential water leaks, laundry rooms included. Preventing major water damage in your home is enough of a challenge. However, it could be said that the chances of water damage are even greater for public facilities like restaurants and any other food place that has a kitchen and bathroom. When public facilities like a bathroom are open for anyone to use, the chances of someone not turning off the faucet or the toilet bowl running increases.

Spas and Locker Rooms

Any public facility that has plumbing needs to be concerned with liability damage. Anyone can slip and fall, causing bodily harm and possible loss of money and worse, the business itself.

Indoor Swimming Pools

If there was ever a place that could benefit from a marble threshold, its indoor swimming pools. Whether you are installing one for a public facility or private property, be sure to incorporate marble thresholds for this build.


Installing a marble threshold for foyer entries not only keeps water and debris out but also temperature. Having your doorway sealed with a high marble threshold lip ensures a proper barrier between indoors and outdoors elements.

Do Substitutions at All Compromise Thresholds’ Ability to Protect Against Water Damage?

One of the big problems with following plans provided by interior designers and architects is the fact that they tend to specify only the most expensive types of material. This tends to lead to huge cost overruns, which has forced some contractors and subcontractors to look for substitutes. As a result, people have begun to ask whether or not turning to substitute materials will at all compromise the ability of a threshold to protect against water damage.

Crema Marfil Sahara, for instance, is a natural marble stone that’s so close in style and color to several other types that it’s often used as a substitute. You could substitute this particular variety for thresholds that are supposed to be made from Botticcino or Bursa Beige. These names, however, refer primarily to geographical regions and stylistic differences. They don’t refer to the underlying geology of the rock that produces the marble, so you don’t have to worry about any risk of sacrificing the quality of the stone you’re working with if your project needs to reduce costs.

Some designers have even opined that substituted stones are actually nicer than the ones that they had originally specified! For instance, Nuevo White Carrara thresholds are sometimes used in place of any of the following materials:

* George White Marble

* Alabama White

* Vermont White

* Cherokee Marble

* Carbonia

* Oriental White Stone

The above are all very similar in style to Nuevo White Carrara after it has been finished with a good polish. As a result, few could tell the difference and some discerning eyes have said that they actually like it better.

Ever since engineered stones started to come into vogue, they’ve become popular even to receive specifications by name. Pure White Thazoz can sub in anytime that your project calls for it. For that matter, don’t forget that China Black and Black Galaxy Granite are close enough to Absolute Black Granite that you wouldn’t really know the difference in most cases.

In every situation, though, you aren’t risking any water damage by calling for a different piece. You’ll receive the same protection even if you don’t spend as much on it. It might even help to protect against other types of damage, like the kind that’s caused by feet scuffing against the edge of a door.

Where Can You Get Marble Thresholds at a Good Price?

While it’s pretty simple to type “marble thresholds” in your search engine, there’s really only one place to go when you are looking for quality marble thresholds at a discounted price. Stonexchange is a wholesale marble window sills and thresholds supplier based in Miami, Florida. We stock seven variations of marble thresholds that are in high demand. So you don’t have to worry about purchasing thresholds that clients won’t buy.

Please contact us when you’re ready to learn more about what kind of options are on the market. Our experienced staff will be more than happy to help you find the kind of thresholds that will prevent water damage on whatever project you’re working on. Whether you’re remodeling an existing structure or putting up a new one, marble door thresholds will help it stay in pristine condition for longer than you ever thought possible

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