The Benefits of Choosing Black Granite Window Sills

How Necessary Are Window Sills In a Home?

For building contractors who typically specialize in residential homes, stocking Black Granite window sills isn’t exactly considered the standard choice for homes that you are trying to sell. The major rule of thumb for contractors is to build a well-structured dwelling with an interior design that will appeal to all types of buyers. That’s why the neutral tones such as the light beige and brown are the type of marble window sills that tend to be high in demand.

Always remember that this doesn’t have to be the case, and if there are any changes you’ll need to stay on top of them. Whether you’re a designer, a contractor or a home improvement warehouse, you’ll need to have enough material on hand at all times to meet the ever-changing demands of the public.

Popular Trends Can Change

Here’s the problem with any kind of product that’s popular: it eventually becomes the norm -even for a high-end product as exclusive as marble stone. When it comes to style, whether it’s for residential homes or commercial builds, trends will come and go. While marble has a timeless appeal and has proven to withstand the test of time in regards to durability, the Black Granite choice could be a bit off-putting to some prospective buyers.

It could be said that black is neutral because it can arguably go with any décor, especially when it comes to a window sill. However, because of its strong and dominant color, it has the ability to be an ever-present focal point in a room. Depending on a buyer’s taste, this may be appealing.

You might have a background in formal design rules, which would balk at this sort of decision. Many people feel that’s wrong because they don’t like to have any aspect of a room overpower any other. However, there were a number of architects in the past who felt that making a strong statement was a great way to add drama to a room. This kind of thinking is coming back into vogue.

We’re going to discuss the advantages of how a Black Granite window sill can appeal to a build.

• Serves as Elegant Window Dressing

Blinds and plantation shutters can get dirty and even tear. Curtains collect dust and need to be washed. They even go out of style after a period of time. While a marble window sill doesn’t provide covering for a window, it serves as an elegant window dressing. Its strong, lustrous surface can be used as a beautiful framing around a window creating a stunning and elegant space that will make an empty room look regal and elegant, especially when complementing white walls, whether it’s wallpapered or marble.

Keep in mind that this sort of material is quite durable as well. This makes it a good option for those who feel strongly about the concept of form following function. Once again, this is an idea in architecture that’s coming back big time.

• Great Accent Color for Any Room

Even the most neutral spaces can always use a pop of color, and nothing ‘pops’ like Black Granite! It’s dominant color demands recognition and has the power to make the most boring spaces come alive with intrigue and sophistication. Many builders tend to get too comfortable with neutral tones and as aforementioned, it can start looking like the norm. As a result, more and more buyers aren’t really appreciating the exclusivity of marble sills. A lot of this comes from not knowing what other kind of sills are available.

If builders won’t take a chance and use a different kind of marble sill, then how will buyers know if they like it or not?

Of course there was a period when all a buyer may have wanted was Crema Sahara Marfil and Emperador Brown, but styles are changing and buyers are now looking for something a little different. Black Granite is the perfect choice for providing that different type of design in so many different circumstances.

• The Perfect Choice for a Contemporary Look

One style that usually stays consistent with the ups and downs of interior fashion trends is the monochrome design. Straight lines of black and white are reminiscent of the 60’e era that compliments timeless designs such as the Art Deco vibe that Miami Beach is so well known for. The Black Granite window sill also brings about a contemporary look that is current with today’s trends. Today, the vintage look is more popular than ever and designers are finding fresh new ways to revive the look without making a space feel like it’s stuck in time. Black Granite window sills are no longer the dismal sills that may look out of place it’s now a focal point that accents a space giving it unique character.

• It Hides Stains

Let’s talk about the practical uses for Black Granite window sills. They’re simply beautiful, so it’s quite natural that it will have more than one use. While keeping water out of a dwelling is most important, marble window sills are also used as shelving and even as a table. Setting plants, books, pictures, and other trinkets on top of a Black Granite window sill serves as the perfect display case. Most importantly, it hides stains! The dark color can mask any water rings from wine spills or any other colorful substance.

Marble is durable, but it’s also slightly porous. While it is waterproof, it does have the capabilities to discolor from acidic substances if spills are not addressed quickly enough. To prevent this, an annual sealant is needed. It’s easy to apply and won’t take much time to apply. With a Black Granite window sill, you won’t have to worry too much about any stains showing up on the surface! However, we suggest that owners take care of any spills as they occur to ensure that the surface of your window sills look as good as the day they were installed for years to come.

• Reflects Light

Even with its dark surface, the Black Granite window sills’ shiny surface still offers the capability of reflecting light. Albeit, it won’t be as much as a lighter-colored window sill can provide, but it will do more than any inferior sill ever could. This kind of feature is most appreciated in smaller spaces as light gives the illusion of more space – something that contractors in most populated areas like Miami Beach and New York might want to use when renovating a space in old building.

If you’ve ever taken a look at renovation plans before, then you’ve probably seen some pretty exacting specifications that spell out what materials are used where in no uncertain terms. When you find yourself in this situation, keep in mind that Absolute Black Granite windowsills can always sub in for projects that call for China Black and Black Galaxy material. These cuts of stone may not always be precisely identical due to natural variations, but they can all be mixed and matched with no issues.

In fact, you can use Absolute Black Granite exclusively when working on projects that call for the two other types and no one would ever notice.

Black Granite, Not Just for Commercial Builds Anymore

It’s beautiful. It provides a strong, modern, yet classic look that will impress buyers for years to come. Place your bulk order today at Stonexchange, a wholesale manufacturer of marble window sills based in the South Florida area. Contact us online, and speak to one of our representatives about how you can get a discount on your bulk order today!

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