7 Reasons Why You Should Install Marble Soap Shelves in Showers

1. It looks good!

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Well, lets just be vain about this product! Marble simply looks good. Almost everybody wants it in his or her home because of its timeless beauty. Anywhere you can place marble in a home is going to bring the quality of that space to another level of sophistication. So it only makes sense to place it in your shower stalls, especially if you already have incorporated marble stone as a wall and floor feature. The marble soap shelves offered by Stonexchange are offered in a variety of color veining variations that will compliment any kind of bathroom décor. Mined from the finest quarries and shipped overseas directly to our warehouse in Miami, you’ll never have to worry about running out of stock for your fleet of residential luxury homes. Your builds will have quality consistency that buyers can depend on.

2. Won’t corrode.

We all know how messy porcelain soap shelves can get. The build up of hard water and soap can make for a day of serious cleaning, scrubbing all of that soap scum away. And should a homeowner choose to prolong that task, mildew and corrosion will eventually fester its way into the cracks and crevices.

That’s not the case with marble soap shelves. Because it’s a stone, you don’t have to worry about the material breaking down and needing to replace it. Marble is a waterproof, and this is why it is so popular with bathrooms. So installing a marble soap shelf would be the natural thing to install! Stonexchange marble soap shelves are designed with a slight incline so that water will drain properly. Water will not pool and soap bars will last longer!

3. Marble soap shelves are more durable than regular shower caddies.

While most buyers are fine with just shopping at their favorite home goods store to buy a fancy shower caddy, you can give buyers the option to avoid that trip altogether. Whether your buyers select a shower caddy that hangs over the shower head or one that stands from floor to ceiling, eventually it’s going to rust and need replaced. The other thing about shower caddies is that they tend to become a place for clutter. As modern bathrooms are designed with the ‘less is more’ factor, the use of a shower caddy is becoming less of a need and more of an eyesore. Shower caddies are made up of plastic or wire that can snap and bend over a period of time, especially when in an environment where there’s an ample amount of heat and steam.

4. You can store more with marble soap shelves.

Storage is important, even in the shower stall. Oftentimes, many contractors invest in building luxury bathrooms and leaving it up to the owner to think about the storage needed in the shower stall. And this is usually acceptable. But just think about it, little things like built-in storage space—even in a shower stall goes a long way and will most likely be the feature that most potential buyers remember when considering their choices.

5. Soap shelves add value to a home.

Kitchen and bathrooms are the top two rooms that is sure to give you a generous return on investment, so it’s not uncommon for contractors to invest a great deal of resources there. You may not think that soap shelves can add value to a home, but when they’re marble shelves, it brings another level of sophistication to any space, even a shower stall! Do not underestimate the power of marble stone! Next to gold, it can be said that it’s the most precious stone for building contractors!

6. You can be more creative with soap shelves.

Don’t confine yourself to just the shower stall when it comes to incorporating marble shelving into your bath. Be generous. Install one for every corner. While you’re at it, why not two or three? Consider what kind of bathroom you’re building. How many people within the household is the bath expected to accommodate, one, two, a large family? Is this stall for public use? If so, you definitely want to consider how many shelves per shower stall would be sufficient, especially if you been contracted to build a fleet of them.

7. Marble soap shelves compliment any bathroom décor.

Here’s were you actually can get really creative. Stonexchange supplies a variety of marble soap shelves that are in high demand. Whether you’re looking to accentuate the design of your bathroom with a highlighted shelf or bring about a dramatic contract to the look and feel of a space, Stonexchange has an unlimited supply of what you need.

Here are the marble soap shelves that we stock:

  • Carrara

  • Crema Marfil

  • Pure White

  • Absolute Black

Travertine Soap Shelves

We realize that some builders prefer to use travertine stone for wet rooms. If that is the case for your contracting company, we also stock travertine soap shelves.

Travertine stone tends to have a more textured surface because it has more porosity than marble. It’s still waterproof as long as it is treated well with an annual sealant. The textured surface tends to be the preferred stone for builders who want to create a more rustic look to a space.

Here is the kind of travertine stone that you can order from Stonexchange:

  • Ivory Travertine

  • Walnut Travertine

All of Stonexchange natural stones are easy to clean as long as the proper materials are used. With natural stone, no acidic substance or chemicals are necessary. A simple soft cloth soaked with warm, soapy water. It’s just that simple! Contact a Stonexchange representative to inquire about your bulk marble or travertine soap shelves today.

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