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  • Travertine


  • Nuevo White Carrara

    Nuevo White Carrara

  • Crema Sahara Marfil

    Crema Sahara Marfil

  • Black Granite

    Black Granite

  • Pure White Thazoz

    Pure White Thazoz

  • Travertine Window Sills

    Product: Window Sill
    Material Name: Travertine Sills
    Material Type: Travertine
    Finish: Honed / Filled
    Color: Ivory Medium
    Travertine is a natural stone. It is very commonly used for  wall and flooring applications as tiles, pavers and mosaics. Matching travertine window sills and travertine thresholds are important items to complete such surfaces. These ivory medium travertine sills also work for  projects specified with Roman Travertine, Iroc Beige, Durango Cream Travertine, and Chiaro Beige.
    Stock DimensionPacking Quantity
    74" Sills
    74"x12"x5/8" Travertine Sill50
    74"x11"x5/8" Travertine Sill50
    74"x10"x5/8" Travertine Sill50
    74"x9"x5/8" Travertine Sill50
    74"x8"x5/8" Travertine Sill50
    74"x7"x5/8" Travertine Sill100
    74"x6"x5/8" Travertine Sill100
    74"x5"x5/8" Travertine Sill100
    74"x4"x5/8" Travertine Sill
    74"x3"x5/8" Travertine Sill150
    56" Sills
    56"x6"x5/8" Travertine Sill100
    56"x5"x5/8" Travertine Sill100
    56"x4"x5/8" Travertine Sill100
    56"x3"x5/8" Travertine Sill100
    37" Sills
    37"x6"x5/8" Travertine Sill100
    37"x5"x5/8" Travertine Sill100
    37"x4"x5/8" Travertine Sill100
    37"x3"x5/8" Travertine Sill100