Why Having Wooden Over Marble Window Sills Is Not a Good Idea

Why Having Wood Over Marble Window Sills Is NOT a Good IdeaIt may be tempting to install wooden window sills, especially for a builder, because the cost is unbeatable. All you have to do is cover it with a coat of paint, and everything looks like new!

But why spend thousands of dollars into a build only to install temporary material that will need to be replaced over time?

The one industry that you absolutely should not cheap out on is construction. When constructing a building, you want it to last for years to come. So installing wooden window sills wouldn’t be the wisest choice because even when treated, it’s organic make up is destined to depose and whittle away.

 The Importance of Strong Building Material

You want to create a structure that’s going to last, and while wood materials may have been the regular thing to use for past builds, that’s has changed. This is because builders have realized through the renovations of older and even some newer homes, that wooden window sills stain, rot, and deteriorate. They also serve as food for carpenter ants, and other bugs. Installing wooden window sills is like ringing the dinner bell for such critters!

What used to work then doesn’t necessarily have to be the staple to your building material today. The only reason wood was always used is because it was cheap to get. But builders are recognizing the benefits to installing a superior type of material in place of wooden window sills, and that is marble.

 Marble Window Sills, the Popular Choice for Builders

 Marble window sills are considered the superior material for window sills because it simply lasts longer. Marble won’t stain like wooden window sills, and they will not rot or crumble away. In fact, marble window sills may very well outlast the build of the entire structure!

 Good Quality = A Good Reputation

 This is the type of durability and assurance you want to build for your brand name as a building contractor. People are willing to pay for such quality. The strength of this type of stone alone is worth incorporating into your builds because you can install this as a raw material without the need to paint it and add a coat of paint every other year or so.

Another Bad Thing about Wooden Window Sills

 Another disadvantage to wooden window sills is that they are easily damaged. With enough force, the surface of your window sill can be grossly damaged. For instance, hail storms from exterior exposure, or interior casualties that movement of furniture or the playful casualties that children can bring about all can damage a wooden window sill, but not so with marble.

 The Good Thing about Marble Window Sills

 Marble window sills will be able to withstand the harsh conditions that exterior weather can bring as well as any man-made disturbances. It’s waterproof and fireproof.

One of the great benefits of stocking a bulk amount of marble window sills is that you can use them in other creative ways.

  • Shelving

  • Window Frame

  • Vanity Trays

 It’s all about how creative you and/or your designer c an be!

 The Availability of Marble Window Sills

 Marble window sills come in 3 standard lengths: 36”, 56”, and 74”. The thickness of the window sills starts at 5/8”, but at Stonexchange, your marble window sills can be custom ordered to produce ¾” thick window sills.

 The actual opening of a door varies in sizes, so Stonexchange offers window sills in widths ranging from 3” to 12”. If you need something outside of this size range, then Stonexchange can manufacture it for you, but you’ll need to keep in mind that custom order marble window sills aren’t cut on site. They would need to be cut from our quarry and shipped overseas to you. That’s why you’ll need to allow at least 10 weeks of lead-time, and it’s important to remember that when you’re planning your construction builds.

 Stonexchange: Your Marble Window Sill Supplier

 Stonexchange is a natural stone wholesale manufacturer of marble window sills, thresholds and soap shelves. We have access to our own quarry in various countries, so we always have an ongoing shipment of quality marble window sills coming in on a consistent basis at our Miami location.

 Getting Your Marble Window Sills in Bulk

The type of marble window sills that we have available are sold at wholesale prices. This means a minimum quantity is required in order to get a discount price, and it this quantity will be in bulk. If you require less, then we can refer you to a distributor who sells to end-users as we supply thousands of marble stone suppliers in the United States. Based on this, Stonexchange has been able to reduce our inventory selection based on the most popular trends and demands in the natural stone industry. These specific selections are complementary to any décor whether you are looking for something to blend in or create a direct contrast in a space.

 Here are the marble window sill selections you can choose from:

  • Nuevo White Carrara

  • Crema Sahara Marfil

  • Emperador Brown

  • Bardiglio Gray

  • Black Granite

  • Pure White Thazoz

 In addition to marble, Stonexchange also offers window sills in travertine.

 Keep Prevention Loss in Mind When Ordering Your Window Sills

 Because of the type of cut, marble window sill can be pretty fragile. Even with the most careful packaging, there is a risk of damaging one. Whether it’s through the shipment, or during transit from the warehouse, to the building site, it’s recommended to order more marble window sills than projected. It’s always best to have too much inventory than not enough.

Stonexchange stocks one crate with a minimum of 50 marble window sills that’s securely packed away and suitable for nationwide shipping.

 To learn more about stocking your warehouse with marble window sills, and why you should seriously consider replacing your wooden marble window sills inventory with marble, contact one of our representatives at 305-731-2400 or through our online form today!