Transition Thresholds: 3 Options Ideal for South Florida Homes

Casual elegance is the best way to describe the marvelous South Florida homes we have all around us. As a coastal region, most home owners look for inspiration from nature and the sea. When looking for thresholds for your luxury South Florida home keep in mind the elegance you want to portray and the stylistic appeals you want to summon with your designs. Do not overlook the importance of having pristine thresholds- the strip of... Read More

How To Install Window Sills

If you are in the process of shopping for new window sills, then there is a good chance that you have run into a little bit of trouble when it comes to finding the right sills that are also within your price range. The good news is that there is a reputable company with loads of experience and specialization in not only window sills, but window thresholds as well. At Stonexchange, you can be sure... Read More

Marble Soap Shelves For Luxury Showers

With a few improvements, any bathroom in a home, building, or hotel can become the most peaceful place to relax and allow water cleanse your mind and body as your worries slip away into the drain. Marble soap shelves can be the gateway to transport you to another time and place where beauty and elegance prevail. For your next shower renovation, consider our marble soap holders for an immediate and long-term increase in your home... Read More

6 Marble Windowsills For a Luxurious Home Decor

Marble and granite windowsills are an excellent way to lend a touch of class to almost any construction project. Hospitality and residential projects usually call for these in equal numbers. That means that any contractor, home improvement store or wholesale buyer that hopes to have enough stone on hand to tackle their clients’ needs will want to have plenty of these pieces on hand at any given time. Keeping a large supply of the following... Read More

ADA Marble Thresholds: The Ultimate Moisture Barrier

Construction projects can sometimes feel like needy children that demand conflicting things. If you're working on designing a room, then you might feel like you're torn between ADA compliance and moisture protection. There's no reason you can't have both. Marble thresholds from STONEXCHANGE are designed to comply with all ADA rules while still holding up against moisture and humidity. Keep a number of these pieces on hand for all your next major development chores so... Read More

Choosing Marble Thresholds: 5 Tips From Professional Home Builders

We asked some of our favorite professional homebuilders for their top tips on choosing Marble thresholds. Some of them had some pretty strong opinions about interior design and ended up elucidating on a number of other topics related to bathroom thresholds and windowsill placement. While it made for some excellent conversation, we decided it was best to sum down their responses by passing along their top five tips for contractors and interior designers. 5 Pro... Read More

Bathroom Corner Shelves: 5 Options To Choose From

Marble, Granite and other types of stone soap shelves are always in demand. If you're a wholesaler who supplies contractors and developers, then you'll need to keep plenty of bathroom corner shelves on hand for anyone finishing a stall. They're every bit as functional as they are attractive, which is why so many designers have opted to install them when they planned work for showers. One big issue to keep in mind is the fact... Read More

Travertine Thresholds For Luxury Apartment Building

Architects and contractors are constantly looking for a natural stone alternative to marble to minimize costs. Natural stone has become the preferred type of building material and has organically given rise to the use of Travertine. You may find Travertine in kitchen backsplashes, bathroom vanities, flooring tiles, or even near swimming pools. They are also popular as a threshold option, especially for large projects when many will be required. What is Travertine? Travertine costs less... Read More

White Carrara Window Sills For Home Renovations

Home renovations often mean a complete transforming of the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living rooms just name a few. With White Carrara marble featuring as the hottest trend to watch among one of the most popular natural marbles available on the market, the White Carrara is a refreshing white background with gray veining blends to bring an essence of sophistication and class to any environment. Below is our guide to the benefits of investing White... Read More

Wholesale Window Sills For Home Improvement Projects

With your Miami supplier, you can get Wholesale pricing from Stone Exchange, which imports our stock direct from manufacturers. The company usually stocks nearly 90,000 pieces of threshold marble in their warehouse in a surprisingly wide variety of sizes, from white to black and many shades in between. Today you can access discounted pricing for your own renovations and home improvements.   You can check out the online product showcase that highlights our top marble... Read More