Bathroom Corner Shelves: 5 Options To Choose From

Marble, Granite and other types of stone soap shelves are always in demand. If you're a wholesaler who supplies contractors and developers, then you'll need to keep plenty of bathroom corner shelves on hand for anyone finishing a stall. They're every bit as functional as they are attractive, which is why so many designers have opted to install them when they planned work for showers. One big issue to keep in mind is the fact... Read More

Travertine Thresholds For Luxury Apartment Building

Architects and contractors are constantly looking for a natural stone alternative to marble to minimize costs. Natural stone has become the preferred type of building material and has organically given rise to the use of Travertine. You may find Travertine in kitchen backsplashes, bathroom vanities, flooring tiles, or even near swimming pools. They are also popular as a threshold option, especially for large projects when many will be required. What is Travertine? Travertine costs less... Read More

White Carrara Window Sills For Home Renovations

Home renovations often mean a complete transforming of the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living rooms just name a few. With White Carrara marble featuring as the hottest trend to watch among one of the most popular natural marbles available on the market, the White Carrara is a refreshing white background with gray veining blends to bring an essence of sophistication and class to any environment. Below is our guide to the benefits of investing White... Read More

Wholesale Window Sills For Home Improvement Projects

With your Miami supplier, you can get Wholesale pricing from Stone Exchange, which imports our stock direct from manufacturers. The company usually stocks nearly 90,000 pieces of threshold marble in their warehouse in a surprisingly wide variety of sizes, from white to black and many shades in between. Today you can access discounted pricing for your own renovations and home improvements.   You can check out the online product showcase that highlights our top marble... Read More

Botticino Thresholds For a Modern Home Decor

Modern interior decorators are finding new ways to work Botticino marble thresholds into their designs every day. These have long been popular with architects who work in the hospitality industry. You might Botticino marble in many hotels and restaurants. The trend is quickly transforming residential design because of the almost minimalistic look of this highly attractive stone.   Plans Calling for Botticino Marble   Since thresholds sit at the bottom of a doorframe, you might... Read More

5 Stone Window Sills That Interior Designers Love

Interior designers are always looking for new and exciting materials that catch their eye. While you might not be able to predict all of the latest trends, Stonexchange makes sure to stock stone window sill products that never go out of fashion. We narrowed down our list to five stone and marble window sill styles that interior designers just love. If you keep these on hand, then you'll always be sure to have some when... Read More

Natural Stone Windowsills Loved by Home Builders

 What home builders know about natural stone that most people don't is it's the perfect material for windowsills, especially in climates that receive a lot of humidity. They love the material, not only due to its enchanting beauty that increases the value of their properties, but because it holds up much better in these conditions, requiring less maintenance. Surely you've noticed how quickly wood warps and wears away. It's a great sign when a construction... Read More

Marble Window Sills for Flooring Supply Stores

When constructing a new build, one of the mistakes future owners try to avoid is the combining of different surface materials that do not match. Ideally, the idea is to find a material that is durable and visually pleasing. Marble is a surface that meets these two requirements, and the reason why it has remained as a first- choice building material over the centuries. Antique Greece, Roman Empire—these were civilizations that used marble for their... Read More

Top 3 Thresholds Ideal for Large Flooring Contractors

When deciding on the right threshold for a new residential or construction project, there are different types of thresholds that contractors can choose from. It all depends on the type of project. Building a structure for a public space will have to meet ADA requirements where residential construction doesn’t isn’t so strict. Whether your company is need of double, single, standard, or Hollywood bevels, we provide high quality marble thresholds to designers, architects, and engineers.... Read More

Marble Shower Curbs at Wholesale Prices

Designing a new bathroom requires choosing the right elements for any given space, and shower thresholds are a big important part of that process. Shower curbs work as thresholds barriers limiting the water to flow into other spaces. However, their practical function does not have to mean that aesthetics will not play an important role in their selection. Why Use Marble? Marble is the ideal choice for building a luxurious bathroom because it is water... Read More